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Wished I thought of that – Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift

Found this one pinterest! Add me on Facebook: under Melissa Melchaoslife!/profile.php?id=100002292044162 Follow me on Twitt... Kids having lots of fun opening gifts on Christmas Day. We get up early in the morning to celebrate Christmas and open presents. See the emotional surprises ...
Baby shower gift ideas??? Mommy Survival Kit?

Baby shower gift ideas??? Mommy Survival Kit?

Question by ~jessi~ aka....mommy: Baby shower gift ideas??? MOMMY SURVIVAL KIT? I want to put together a mommy survival kit but i cant remember what all goes in it and the sayings if u have any ideas plz let me know... It was like band aides, safety pins, tylenol, and they all had cute sayings that went with it... Best answer: Answer by Due May 10, 2008

Best Baby Stroller!

Video review of the Baby Elegance Beep Twist (grey) baby stroller from an Irish manufacturer. LIKE the video author's facebook page if you liked the video! or follow on twitter Video Rating: 4 / 5
A good baby shower gift?

A good baby shower gift?

Question by LovelyY: A good baby shower gift? my first cousin has nt yet registered on babies r us, nor target i think, idk that child stay procrastinating lol :) but since shes my first cousin and around my age , the first family members get her the biggest nd the most things , i know my moms getting a lot but idk what i should get herrr ? any ideas , shes having a girl and the theme of the shower is teddy bears, i think its her baby's room theme also. Best answer: Answer by Jay RayDiapers are always good to go with. . . she'll eventually run out :D Add your own answer in the comments!

Question: Baby shower politics?
This my 3rd pregnancy. i had a shower thrown for me with my first son (2009) and another with my 2nd son in 2012. i didn’t ask for a shower with my second as it was close together and another boy. I’m due MAY 2014 (currently 37wks) with my little GIRL. would it be wrong to throw a shower? I DON’T understand the HATERS

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Answer by DM
You should not throw your own shower, that is rude. You already had two showers
HAVE YOU ever even thrown showers for anyone else ?
If you want to celebrate her arrival then invite people to a Welcome Party for her….no gifts required.

Seriously don’t be so selfish and GREEDY
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Mommies, how are you losing the baby weight?

Mommies, how are you losing the baby weight?

Question by modbride: Mommies, how are you losing the baby weight? My baby is 8 months old and I'm still nursing her. I weigh 150 and I'm 5 '4. I'd like to lose 20-30lbs. I jsut don't know how to do it. I'm staying at home w/my baby and I live in upstate NY (brrr!) so it's been to cold to get out and walk. Can any of you moms share your success stories? Best answer: Answer by Gaz and Lou Hi, I sympathise with you I have a 14mth old and a 3mth old so I too am trying to shift the baby weight (but from 2 pregnancies). I am nursing my 3mth old which as you know helps but if you find that you aren't able to get out and about due to weather I really do recommend the Wii Fit Plus. I'm losing weight steadily using this…
Q&A: Mommies who have AWESOME post baby bodys…?

Q&A: Mommies who have AWESOME post baby bodys…?

Question by miss me!: Mommies who have AWESOME post baby bodys...? what do you do to maintain your body? what types of food do you avoid? what workouts do you do? Im just curious, my son is 17months, and im not where i want to be body wise (loosing the mommy pooch is so hard!!!). Just lookin for what you do or did to be in shape again? CEM - no, actually i am not talking about hollywood mommies. I am talking about your every day mommies who have kids, and can still be in a bikini and look great, or the mommies that you see with their kids who dont have mommy bellys pouring over thier jeans (which like most of us, me unfortunately included, have). Best answer: Answer by MissT OMG, yes please someone answer this question! I need advice too! I still have that extra 20lbs that…

Question by ma’scam: Overweight mommies take longer to lose baby weight?

From what I’ve been reading here, I think mommies who are chubby or overweight take longer to lose the baby weight.

I’m overweight, my baby is 4 1/2 months, and haven’t lost anything (at least from what I know… I started eating healthy and execising this week :) but I still dont want to weight myself)

Are you a overweight mommy having trouble loosing the baby weight??? What are you doing ??

I just want to feel I’m not by my self!!!

Thin Mommies: I don’t like you!! LOL!! Just kidding… you are just so lucky!!!!

God bless you all :)


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my daughter was like the lucky ones she was a size 0 when she started and a month later after she had my grandson she was a 0 … as for me my baby is 13 yrs old the youngest i have 4….lol and im still carrying baby weight so dont get discouraged hun you will lose it especially when the baby has you running all over the place… good luck and try not to worry just enjoy your baby and be happy !!!

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Post-Baby body…?

Post-Baby body…?

Question by Mommy of 2: Post-Baby body...? How much did your body change from being pregnant and how did you feel about your body after baby? I see alot of women who say they dislike their post baby body, and alot of women seem to keep the weight they gained if not gain more. I feel like one of the luck ones, I just had my second baby. Before any babies I weighed 98lbs...after baby I weighed 120. I was very upset for the longest time cause I had never really weighed over 100lbs. Now after my second child I now weigh 133lbs....and I am just very content with my body. I lost almost all my tummy, but I do have the big mom hips and mom arms. Is there anyway to get rid of those? And how soon after can you start working out? Best answer: Answer by bzrrogirlYou…

How to Lose Baby Weight! Overview of New Mommy Makeover DVDs

Reviewed in Fit Pregnancy Magazine as one of the top six postnatal DVDs! Introduction/Overview of New Mommy Makeover Postnatal DVD weight-loss system. YALL BABY DID HER WORKOUT AND SHOWING YALL HER MOVES!! SHOWING WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW WITH THIS WEIGHT.