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Question by ma’scam: Overweight mommies take longer to lose baby weight?

From what I’ve been reading here, I think mommies who are chubby or overweight take longer to lose the baby weight.

I’m overweight, my baby is 4 1/2 months, and haven’t lost anything (at least from what I know… I started eating healthy and execising this week :) but I still dont want to weight myself)

Are you a overweight mommy having trouble loosing the baby weight??? What are you doing ??

I just want to feel I’m not by my self!!!

Thin Mommies: I don’t like you!! LOL!! Just kidding… you are just so lucky!!!!

God bless you all :)


Best answer: Answer by ~*cindy *~

my daughter was like the lucky ones she was a size 0 when she started and a month later after she had my grandson she was a 0 …..lol as for me my baby is 13 yrs old the youngest i have 4….lol and im still carrying baby weight so dont get discouraged hun you will lose it especially when the baby has you running all over the place…..lol good luck and try not to worry just enjoy your baby and be happy !!!

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How to Lose Baby Weight! Overview of New Mommy Makeover DVDs

Reviewed in Fit Pregnancy Magazine as one of the top six postnatal DVDs! Introduction/Overview of New Mommy Makeover Postnatal DVD weight-loss system. YALL BABY DID HER WORKOUT AND SHOWING YALL HER MOVES!! SHOWING WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW WITH THIS WEIGHT.
OK mommy’s….Is baby weight easier to lose?

OK mommy’s….Is baby weight easier to lose?

Question by Truth Teller: OK mommy's....Is baby weight easier to lose? Alright, i am a first time soon to be mom of 39 years. I have never really had a weight issue, but I have gained 42 pounds with my son and I am 32 weeks along. The doctors are fine with my weight and havent fussed at all as I was very sick in the beginning and am now only gaining a few pounds a month. So, anyway......I presume a pound a week from here on out making me about 50 lbs needing to lose. How much of this will I lose from baby, and fluids and etc.??? And the additional weight, everyone keeps telling me that baby weight is easier to lose than normal weight. Is there any truth to this???? lol And how long does it take with eating right and exercising to take it back off?…
ATTN MOMMYS: How can I lose this weight?

ATTN MOMMYS: How can I lose this weight?

Question by Madisons Mommy =): ATTN MOMMYS: How can I lose this weight? My pre-pregnancy weight was 125 and I can't get back down to anything to save my life. I had the baby June 10th via c-section and I still remain the same weight!!!! I try exercising and eating right, what else can I do? Best answer: Answer by JeanUnfortunately, baby weight is the hardest weight to lose! Keep on eating well and exercising. If you're breastfeeding, that will help too. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about getting you started on a weight loss regime that won't compromise your health. Just remember, it's better to lose the weight slowly and steadily than trying to lose it all quickly. Learn to love the curvier new you for a while, try not to stress too much about it. If you try to lose it and it doesn't shift, it…

Time to Lose the Baby Weight! – April 23, 2014 – itsJudysLife Daily Vlog

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Do any of you moms have any secrets on how to lose baby weight quick?

Question by NewMommy12272008: Do any of you moms have any secrets on how to lose baby weight quick? I am two month post pregnancy and have about 25 pounds to lose! Looking for healthy and fast ideas on how to lose baby tummy fat!!! Thanks. Best answer: Answer by Cindy DGet out the stroller and get moving! Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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