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Video explaining how to make your teeth white. Please subscribe to our channel in order to serve you better make. Share it on social media teeth whitening at…
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Over the years Vitacost has truly become my online happy place to shop! Not only does it provide me with the opportunity to shop… but it also gives me thri…
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  1. BoogieDownProduction

    carbamide peroxide gel is all you need will work as good as a dentist and
    is like $15 

  2. DIY Teeth Whitening

    Four Best Selections for DIY Teeth Whitening Home Remedies
    By Didowardah

    Hey there, here I share four best tips for DIY teeth whitening home
    remedies. These home remedies will certainly save more your money instead
    of going to the dentist.

    What are they?

  3. Dental Secrets

    Love the presentation. Our favourites are the teeth whitening pens. They
    are so discreet and easy to use.

  4. Melissa Parada

    You look gorgeous! Love your outfit and makeup <3 Yay for Vitacost! I am
    now officially addicted. I cant wait to move so I can start shopping on it
    regularly for my household and beauty needs. xoMelissa 

  5. lemusingsofmoi

    Vitacost has become my online happy place! And these are definitely my Top
    10 (ish) products of the moment! I’ll try to update this every few months
    if things change as well! Make sure to leave a comment sharing what you
    guys love most Health & Beauty product wise too!

  6. Elle Is For Living

    This was super helpful as I only recently started ordering from Vitacost so
    appreciated this ‘guide’. ♥ Elle

  7. Aglitterylife

    I’m so glad you listed the products on your blog too!!! And how is your
    hair perfect every single second of the day!!! Love u!

  8. Kathleen Jaynes

    Great video! I, too, have been ordering from Vitacost for years and I’m so
    glad you mentioned Ebates because I was going to tell you about it to save
    even more money. I wanted to share my favorite household cleaner that is
    AMAZING and you can purchase at Vitacost. It’s all natural and cleans
    everything; I even converted my housekeeper to using it on her other houses
    because it cleans so well and is not made from harsh chemicals. There are
    a number of products in the line, but this is my favorite:

    Thanks for posting, I’m going to check out some of your product

  9. Cynthia Prendergast

    I love your Best of Vitacost videos! I too am obsessed with Vitacost. Love
    their products, and you just can’t beat their prices. 

  10. Joe Samuel

    I just made my first Vitacost order. Got natural toothpaste, deodorant,
    baby wipes and the raw Shea Moisture kid’s body wash you suggested. I can’t
    wait :) Staci

  11. Jennifer Morgan-Farney

    Of course, I just made a purchase not even ten minutes ago. Ugh. P.S. I am
    loving the lycopene Dr. Sponge. I keep it in the shower, and the charcoal
    one on the sink.

  12. Sarah Jones

    This video came in the knick of time…plan on placing my first order on
    Friday. Added a few of your mentions to my list. I’d love to pick your
    brain about vitamins. Thanks for sharing this video. XOXO Sarah

  13. xofancy

    I LOVE vitacost! I’ve only ever purchased vitamin and food products
    though. Thanks for the suggestions. xo

  14. catmama54

    Thanks so much for the tip of running the coconut oil under hot
    water.Living in Fl our AC is always on and my coconut oil is always a
    solid.I love the vanilla coconut oil but get annoyed with it being hard,now
    I know what to do.On my next order I am going to get those makeup
    wipes,really want all natural skin care. xoCathy

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