The 5 Best Home Fitness Products for 6 Pack Abs !

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  1. Angela Saleh

    I love your work outs and you have the most motivational videos. Your
    attude makes me want to work out. And….your a good looking fellow. 

  2. Angela Saleh

    I love your work outs and you have the most motivational videos. Your
    attude makes me want to work out. And….your a good looking fellow. 


    @johnywalkie Hi there, yip, my normal videos have better sounds, as you
    would have probably seen in previous videos, but my professional mic broke
    and I am waiting for it to get back!!!! So I am with you as I hate this
    crap sound but for now it is all I have and at least I can get the videos
    and info to you instead of just stopping to do all videos until I have my
    mic back. But I hope to have it soon then we can record some proper sound

  4. anisurjess

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  5. Jorge Setzen Utilities

    mentira mentira mentira mentiraaaa!!! si quieres unos abdominales definidos
    haz como yo, hazte una tabla y síguela, y veras que cambio tendrás después
    de 6 o 7 meses.

  6. TheBuddhaFist

    @vovoursa he said they werent essential to working out. if you want good
    sound in your head phones you cant be on government assistance. you need to
    have dispensable income. dont blame him cause you broke.

  7. f4phantom2500

    Beats are overpriced for the sound quality they provide. Even if they put
    up with the abuse, I don’t want to sweat all over something I paid a lot of
    money for. You can get better sounding IEMs for substantially less money.
    Also, IMO gymnastic rings should have been included in this list, easily
    better than both the dip station and suspension trainer, and can be
    attached to a doorway pull up bar…or taken outside and set up on a tree,
    swing set…but some way to pull up is definitely essential.

  8. Christopher Hung

    I agree with the fact that the powerbeats are great but after just a month
    with them they broke and i bought three of them so it wasnt just an
    accident now i have the tour by dr.dre where the cable is thicker and they
    do not break as easily

  9. actueneac


  10. Robin Kumar

    Hey guys. Wonderful video clip. My close friend was formerly an obese boy.
    He went from 285lbs of pure fat to 209lbs of massive lean muscle. We
    thought it was magnificent! I just subscribed myself because I want to
    greatly improve my whole body. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on


    @Inspiration525 Becuase I love what I do, I hate how people get fed Bs by
    some many companies, and I know how it changed my life when I got ripped
    and I want other people to also experience that!

  12. Andy Le

    hey peter respect ur recommendations but what i have discovered to be THE
    greatest investment is 1. The pull-up bar and 2. Gymnastics rings. These 2
    combined is so versatile that its all u need at home really. Basically
    combines all 3 of ur first equip. and plus with gym rings theres
    stabilisation involved so theres even greater work needed to execute the
    usual exercises. Best of all, Pull-up bar = $10 + Gymnastics rings = $50 =
    Only $60!!! BARGAIN :D

  13. lolAlCapwn

    @moricestreet909 yeah well i had both and for i think the same price the
    monstercabel i sport just rock they are waterproof so you could even swim
    with them and they never fell out as long as i had them :D

  14. dhazzy

    @BOOMER144 it’s not just about eating more…eat right. Try higher protein
    foods / meat, reduce the amount you take in per meal, but have 5-6 meals a

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