The Post Pregnancy Body; What to Expect

Not sure what women mean when they say “you’ll never be the same after pregnancy” or “Everything just gets harder” well I open up and talk about the intimate…
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  1. alyssa joyce

    U have just given me a much needed laugh. I’m 37 weeks and I can’t wait to
    see wat my new body might be. I’ve had problems coping with my pregnancy
    body, but I have learned to laugh through it because like everyone says I
    know it will be way worth it at the end. :)

  2. loveviola23

    You are so funny thanking your body parts for not leaving stretch marks!
    You are not the cookie monster it was just your body rebelling because
    you’ve been suppressing the bottomless pit ;) Do you use anything now for
    the stretch marks that you find really help?

  3. Talya Rose

    unfortunately no! I wish there were. I rub vitamin E oil on the marks just
    in case it helps but there is no proof that it works :(

  4. Talya Rose

    Yes! I have heard that that happens! Some women will grow as much as a half
    size per baby! So much for “well i will splurge on these boots because i
    will have them forever!” Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Talya Rose

    Ha ha!! Yes my boobs are also totally giving in to gravity and dipping down
    south as well! It helps to know I am not alone! I bought a few new pair of
    jeans because my hips just are not the same shape at all! But I bought them
    at goodwill so I wasn’t out a lot of money and I saved a few of my old
    favorites that still worked. Thanks so much for the encouragement :)

  6. Danielle M

    I found that laughed and cried during this video. Thanks for the heads up.
    I am not as clueless but I am hoping I can be as confident as you after

  7. mong1313

    You are so very beautiful and funny. You made me laugh, so sweet! I had a
    baby two years ago so know what are you talking about :-) I would add my
    boobs are little bit more south orientated :-( WOuld you believe I still
    didn’t get that idea of buying new different clothes and still trying to
    get into my old tops and it doesn’t look right :-) Did purchase new jeans
    as any of my old ones look good on me. But didn’t think about the tops at
    all,so thanks for an insight,xxx

  8. Cassandra Nunn

    I think this is a great post. One thing I noticed after my twins (babies 4
    and 5 for me) my shoes didn’t fit and I had to get new ones. I’ve heard
    your feet grow some during but it wasn’t until my twins that I went up a
    whole shoe size!

  9. Pamela Anderson

    I am so lucky not to have a single issue after my pregnancy. Thank you mama
    for the perfect genetics!! Stomach went back in literally a day after
    delivery, no stretch marks, not a single issue with a body. I am really
    lucky unlike millions of other women

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