Time to Lose the Baby Weight! – April 23, 2014 – itsJudysLife Daily Vlog

Time to Lose the Baby Weight! - April 23, 2014 - itsJudysLife Daily Vlog

Mommy Channel!!! http://www.youtube.com/itsMommysLife Yesterday’s Vlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKIYbm2Kmh4&list=UUK2ACorzpH-igxuHZ2ObCEA Welcome to our Everyday Lives! We tied the knot…
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  1. CupCake50423

    OMG Benji chugging that milk down right from the bottle reminds me of my
    teenage brother ! I kinda hate it…

  2. Jennifer Ann

    You guys should try easiyo yoghurt maker. It makes the yoghurt for yu and
    sti has all the bacteria that’s good for you in it where as if you buy it
    from the shop it looses the bacteria by the time you buy it. It’s super
    great lots of flavours. You can get on qvc it’s inexpensive. I find it fab
    and handy when I’m making my smoothies from BenjimanTV 

  3. micah gilmore

    Judy,considering the fact that you had twin girls, you didn’t gain much
    weight at all!!! You look incredible. I know you have to do what’s right
    for you to be comfortable in your own skin, but I just wanted to let you
    know that you truly look amazing after giving birth such a short time ago.
    Benji is a lucky man! Lol God bless you all

  4. getfitwithkatelyn

    I wouldn’t use the weighted vest if your worried about your supply. I know
    they say not to wear restricting clothing and lay on your stomach because
    it can apparently effect your supply. Not sure if that’s true but I avoid
    it just in case. But you may want to look into getting a moby wrap or some
    kind of carrier. Having your little ones on you will make your supply go up
    and also carrying that weight will really help with weight loss. So you get
    bonding and exercise. =)

  5. vsirka

    the twins are getting cuter by the day! but i really don’t see much of
    Benjie’s features in them… 

  6. mynameisnotapplicable

    I hate that he drank out of the carton, like your entire family is drinking
    that stop 

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