Top 10 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


  1. modelsexi

    I wonder what African and Chinese people ate cz they have a lot of babies.
    They eat fish and seafood and other things. I’m sure there wasn’t a doctor
    telling them oh you can’t eat that fish you just caught cz your pregnant. F
    off I had a turkey sandwich the other day and I’m fine. Protein is
    essential and helps cure nausea.

  2. Linda Weaver

    While pregnant you should always remember that you’re eating for yourself
    and your baby. Your baby’s health will depend on what you put in your body
    so always be careful and keep your baby’s health and safety in mind!

  3. Kaitlin Gardner

    Good. Besides the dessert and deli meat. I find everything else pretty
    nasty, won’t be hard :)

  4. TheVintown

    OMG.. …guys,dont worry at all…..! I ATE all of them while I was
    pregnant, and now have 2 children, but they are so beautiful and normal,
    and there no effect with my body..still slim and rich health… :-) maybe
    few people not same,you can eat ,but don’t eat too much… ;-D

  5. MissNatty93

    This is bullshit! I watched this out of I really don’t ever
    want to get pregnant -_________-

  6. pregnancyway

    Who said staying in shape and looking good during pregnancy has to be HARD?
    Pregnancy Without Pounds,see my channel.GoodLuck

  7. PriencessLedaChaung

    you can eat cold cuts when your pregnant my mom ate cold cuts and seafood
    and I came out fine but you should eat pork anyway it is bad for you but I
    think this video is stupid

  8. sunita thapa

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  9. Jen Anderson

    for a mother do anything for the good of her pregnancy despite having to
    eat some food that she does not like

  10. AlexisUnderwater

    Ha! Haven’t eaten any of those foods described in over 7 years(: so glad to
    be a pregnant healthy vegetarian. Thank God.

  11. Muhammad Yusuf Al-Rasyiddien BAM

    can you cmnt me the top 10.why pregnant girl cannot drink coffe,coke??what
    the effect?

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