ways to get over your post baby body hang ups?

Question by fionabelton@rocketmail.com: ways to get over your post baby body hang ups?
Do any of you ladies out there know of any ways to help accept your post baby body?

I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and am just preparing in advance for the self-esteem rock that seems to already have started. Albeit i do have a tendancy to flick through glossy mags filled with stunning women.
This is my 2nd baby and my body hasn’t been so resilient unfortunatley, so there are stretch marks, plus i’ll be brest feeding, untoned etc.

What did you do to accept and feel good about your self after your bubba was born?

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Answer by Josiah’s Mom.
After having your baby it takes some time for your uterus to go back to the normal size. While this is happening you will look like you are still a little bit pregnant. For me it lasted a couple weeks, slowly getting smaller. But it’s probably different for everyone.
To get over your baby body, just look at your children! That is what you did! It’s amazing that your body produced a baby – a miracle. That’s how I got through it. I just reminded myself of what I did. And if you’re breastfeeding you burn so many calories a day! I was back to my pre pregnancy weight 4 months after Josiah was born. But that was also with daily walks and a lot of house work :)
Another thing is, not everyone in the media is obsessed with looking “perfect”. Take Julia Roberts for example – she has had (i don’t know how many) children and she hasn’t gotten plastic surgery or anything (goodness knows she could afford it!). She’s proud of it. There are pictures on google of her walking around on a beach with a bikini on, showing off her tummy.
Don’t worry about what the media thinks. They have twisted ideas of what “perfect” is. You are perfect. You are a mother :)

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  1. sentenna

    I had terribly low self esteem when I was pregnant. I did not like the way I looked at all. But once that baby was out, my self esteem started to come back instantly. I didn’t have the huge belly anymore,

    I am now 3.5 months pp and I feel great about myself. I have been really working on losing weight since New Years Day and I have lost 15lbs so far, just by calorie cycling. I haven’t done much exercising. I have lost a ton of inches. I can finally fit into a lot of the clothes I could wear before I got pregnant ( I was a 9 ).
    I have a ton of stretch marks. I have also been through 3 full term pregnancies, where I got huge. So those stretch marks just come with it. And I see them but they don’t bother me..they never have.

    Bottom line, I look at myself and see a very attractive woman. I look in the mirror and see the woman who carried 3 beautiful, healthy children to term and that all 3 are very happy kids. I see a great wife to my husband,

    I like the way I love the way look. And I do not look like I just had a baby 3.5 months ago.

    I love going shopping in my closet and at the store.

    Having babies is no big deal and I have always been able to bounce back right away.

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