Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday! In these videos I just show you guys what I’ve been eating in a typical day! Hope you enjoy, and feel free…
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Hey guys! Here’s what I ate yesterday! I am so sorry about the focus at the end of this video…clearly I cannot be trusted with fancy cameras ;) Don’t forge…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. MiniDress360

    Babies never actually eat it all, it all goes all over themselves or the
    floor :P

  2. Vanity Visage

    I would love to say a couple things …FIRST of all, Thank you for being so
    informative… I am a New subscriber and almost at the end of my second
    pregnancey (wish i would have found you sooner :-) and i love seeing what
    others eat to stay healthy (give me knew ideas) and SECOND of all, every
    time I watch one of your videos and my 3 year old son sees you daughter he
    cant help but get SO excited that he will soon have a baby sister , he
    ALWAYS says “AWWW mommy look, a cute baby sister!” :-D

  3. Crystal Lopez

    Keep up the good work Anna!! Hope you have a healthy pregnancy and two very
    happy babies! (Emilia & new baby sis or bro)

  4. EdenDespina

    The pasta salad that your mother made looks like something I would
    definitely enjoy eating!Oh and I like how you arranged the strawberries and
    the banana in your bowl. Kisses,Anna!

  5. Bur Per

    Anna could you please tell me what lipstick you are wearing in this video?
    Thank you!!!

  6. sparkybish

    Wow. Some of these comments about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. I
    don’t know how you deal with it all.

  7. Lexi Gonzalez

    And you do know salt and sugar is not always bad they have a balance diet I
    mean honestly everyone commenting with the negative comments r u that
    healthy? T u a dietician I don’t think so I’ve never seen then eat all the
    junk food most Americans eat

  8. Julie James

    I read some of your posts and I thought you were the girl in your picture.
    But you’re a guy? Seems like you’re really into discussing lady problems. .
    . have you been pregnant? If not I think you need to stick to what you

  9. Auður Ásgrímsdóttir

    It seems like you’re not eating for “two” do you not need to eat loads when
    you’re pregnant?

  10. MermaidAtlantica

    Did I say “definitely go overdue” or did I say “More than likely go
    overdue” The amount of first time mothers that have their babies on or
    before their due date for natural reasons is about 5% for ON their EDD and
    10% for before. The other 85% of women have their babies after. I didn’t
    just spout that information because I made it up.

  11. MermaidAtlantica

    You explained yourself just fine. If the only thing that person had to
    bitch about with your comment was the spelling errors then the content was
    obviously fine. Don’t let them bring you down your english is just fine. <3

  12. TheStylesMeow

    You look so beautiful Anna! That sweater is adorable with the little baby
    foot prints :) xo

  13. Morning Sickness Info

    Wow, you really eat healthy foods. But I’m really curious, is that all you
    eat? I mean, I am pregnant too and really crave something sweet.

  14. Brenda Wouters

    Hi Anna, I was wondering, my doctor said to me that cinnamon and mozarella
    aren’t good for me (I’m pregnant :)) You had cinnamon every day? The
    mozarella is because it isn’t pasteurized? Greetings from Belgium x

  15. Sophie Bennett

    Hi! I love all your videos and know that you and Jofus are going to be
    amazing parents! Could you maybe do a blindfolded/mirror less make up
    challenge? Xxx

  16. Claire Nunez

    Omg! Anna you look amazing in black! I always look washed out with it next
    to my face.. ugh

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