What’s the most embarrassing thing your kids have said or done?

Question by strange-artist: What’s the most embarrassing thing your kids have said or done?

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Answer by spelling nazi
He called a woman “baboon butt” when he was 3. And then when he was about 11, he loudly asked me in public “what’s a brothel, mom???”

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  1. .......

    I was walking by an ann summers shop and my boy then about 4 stopped and pointed at the window and said mum look there half a woman.

  2. mnmz4lyf

    Don’t have any kids, sorry, but my aunt’s kid once ran around a public area going ‘fuack fuack fuack.’ He thought it was how ducks talk (which is really quack.) And everyone thought he was saying the F word.

    Another time, he went to the movies and asked for ‘black water’ at the snack bar-he meant coke.

  3. artist9120

    I dont have one personally, but once when i was in a grocery store i heard a little boy ask his mom,

    “so is Daddy coming home tonight, or is he staying in the hotel again?”

    She was so embarressed and he was so little he didnt understand why. it was so funny for me! lol.

  4. Juggalo Duvo

    I embarrassed my mom when I was about 3 years old. We were out shopping and she was trying on clothes in the dressing room at a store. I was in the dressing room with mom, and I kept yelling out “Mommy’s boobies!” over and over, and the more she tried to shush me, the louder I got! lol

  5. Foxybaby1976

    When my oldest son was about 2 he went into a public restroom with my sister. It was her time of the month and he asked her 3 questions which made everyone in the restroom crack up: “Did you wipe your front? Did you wipe your butt? and Are you wearing a diaper?” It was so funny.

    My mother taught my 2nd son to say dumbass and he is 3. So we’ll be out in public and if people are in his way he’ll yell “Get out of my way dumbass!” Needless to say we have put a stop to that and my mom got a lecture.

  6. Lady Cosmo

    I was in the grocery store one day with my three year old and she saw a man in a wheelchair with one leg begging for money……….she said to the man and anybody listening, “His leg broke off…………Did your leg break off?”………

    Another time, when I was in the beauty salon, this woman walks in and my three year old starts yelling out repeatedly, “Mommy her nose is big!………..why is her nose so big?!” I thought if I ignored her she would stop saying it, but she didnt……….so I pinched her on the arm and told her to hush.

  7. lix

    When my daughter was five we had a neighbour who was dying with cancer. He was being nursed at home and his wife constantly complained about everything she had to do for him and I honestly think she made his final days awful. He died and my daughter was really upset, so I explained that he was in a better place and had no more pain or sadness. We met his wife a couple of days later and of course I gave her my condolences. My daughter piped up “Never mind he’s much better off without you”!

    When my granddaughter was three, she used to say that ladies had bums and men had tails. Coming up to Christmas, a baby boy doll, which was very anatomically correct was at the top of her list for Santa. Walking down the highstreet one day, we passed a shop with a window full of these dolls. She ran straight to it and kept shouting “Gran – gran look at all the tails”.

  8. Cortney S

    We were at my little sister’s dance recital and my 1 year old daughter had a bit of a diaper rash….In the middle of a dance when everyone was quiet, my daughter starts screaming at the top of her lungs….I NEED BOOTY CREAM, over and over again…I thought I would die

  9. Dj D

    my kid once lifted up a guest’s skirt at a party and was looking under it for quite a while till he was discovered. he was abt five, yet that has to be the most embarassing moment.

  10. Mimi D

    That would be the time my son was playing with a phone at the doctor’s office, and when he had finished, he slammed the phone down and screamed “Damn bill collectors”… I, of course, insisted I had no idea where he’s heard such a thing!!

  11. januaryhwb

    i was grocery shopping with my baby sister when she was about 9 months old and she puked all over my full cart… i was really embarrassed and unsure of what to do, so i left the cart in the middle of the isle and quietly slipped out of the store. the next day i still needed the groceries, so i went back to the store. a couple of the things i picked up were obviously the things that were in my cart the day before…

  12. Linda B

    out of the mouth of babes during a babysitter interview, “…and mommy and daddy get really mad when I say M*****F****r

  13. crystalarcand

    While telling the children’s story one week at church, I asked my son (I think he was 4 or 5 at the time) if he loved Jesus and he said no! He was mad at me for something. My mom was sitting right next to him and had asked him something at the same time that he was answering. The church thought it was hilarious – I was mortified.

  14. smurfette

    l’m laughing just thinking about it! My daughter, aged 7, was in the mall with me one day, when l dropped into the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine (a housewarming gift). Now my husband rarely drinks, and l don’t drink at all due to health reasons. My daughter saw her friend with her mom just outside the door, so ran over to say hi. Anyway, the counter was right next to the door, so l could hear their conversation, and the friend’s mom asked my daughter if she was on her own. Without skipping a beat, my daughter replied, “no, l’m here with mommy, she’s just in the liquor store buying alcohol AGAIN!” I wanted the ground to swallow me up, l was so embarrassed! For the record, that’s the one and only time my daughter (or any of my children) have ever seen me buying alcohol!

  15. Trisha m

    When my son was 1 and a half we would pinch his cheeks and say chubby cheeks. I went to the store about a week later and my son seen this woman and said look mommy chubby i was so embarrased

  16. I'mAFruitloopInACheerioWorld

    well one time my best friends sister went into the bathroom with my mom and they went into a handicapped stall…… the little girl said “its so big” and my mom said “what? the stall?” and she said “no ur butt!”……. when i heard that i almost died laughing………

    also the same girl came out of a house of mirrors because she didnt like it…. when we asked her why she said “there were so many (girls name) i didnt know which one was me!!” lol

  17. teel

    I had always made sex and personal hygiene questions/answers very matter of fact so my kids would never feel embarassed to ask me anything. When my daughter was about 8 we were in the grocery store and I was talking with a male teacher from her school. She says (loudly), “Hey Mom! Do you use pads or tampons?” I told her it wasn’t the time or place to discuss that and she responded, “Well, I know you’re on your period right now! I just thought I could get what you needed!”

    A friend is a realtor. Her son answered the phone one time and told the big deal client on the other end, “Yeah, she’s in the bathroom right now, hold on.” The he proceeds to walk into the bathroom, phone in hand, and yell, “Whew, Mom! It really stinks in here!” He left the phone in her hand and walked out.

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