Which book should I buy with my $12 Barnes and Noble gift card?

Question by .: Which book should I buy with my Barnes and Noble gift card?
I found a gift card while cleaning and I’m debating between buying The Fault in Our Stars by John Green or The City of Bones TMI book?

OR, to buy them as the NOOK versions since they are cheaper and I could buy both. And if I really love them then I’ll just buy the actual book versions.

OR, to buy the itunes ibook version since I have a huge gift card amount on there and then if I love them I’ll buy the actual books with my B&N gift card.

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Answer by WhenTheSunGoesDown
Yes, buy nook versions so you can get both.

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  1. ℓ εтs bℓ amε iт on sεpтεmbεr ♥

    The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
    You’ll fall in love with his work immediately. :)

  2. DEZ

    The Fault in Our Stars is as good book, (So I was told… I’ve never actually read it myself) and City of Bones is of course very popular especially due to the fact that there is now a movie about it…

    BUT if you wat more suggestions you should definitely read the first book in the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series if you haven’t already. The series is freaking amazing and is now carrying off to a new series called the “Heroes of Olympus”

    BUT if you’re not into that stuff you should definitely check out these books:

    Looking for Alaska (YOU WILL CRY)
    the Maze Runner (Also going to be a movie sometime in 2014)
    Gone (By Michael Grant)
    Ashes (By Ilsa Bick)
    Ashfall (by Mike Mullin — ONE of my favorites)
    The City of Ember (and the rest following this book)
    and also The Left Behind books are very intriguing if you’re a christian…

    That was all I could think of for now! I know you can’t get all this, because after all, you only have 12 dollars. BUT these are books you should definitely take a look at in the future! I definitely enjoyed them(:

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