Wished I thought of that – Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift

Wished I thought of that - Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift

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Kids Opening Christmas Presents - Monster High Gifts - iPhone Surprise - Baby Fun Day 2013

Kids having lots of fun opening gifts on Christmas Day. We get up early in the morning to celebrate Christmas and open presents. See the emotional surprises …


  1. vazquezs420

    I’m so excited super thoughtful idea ii can’t wait to make this for my
    cuzzns bbyshower

  2. CraftHer

    I love this! Kinda reminds me of the wizard of oz with the lollipops. I
    made a Diaper bike for a recent baby shower, might try something like this
    for the next one!

  3. MelChaosLife

    I picked it up at Ross, they really have a great selection there. As well
    TJ Maxx and Marshalls

  4. animal jam

    lol it was not from santa was it? i already know that the real santa died i
    think, anyways lol

  5. Grace Dean

    The older girl got an Alexander McQueen scarf, and all she said was “a
    scarf.” :( they’re £165 in the uk, and even more in the USA 

  6. Kondrat Longinov

    If you buy for your kid iPhone or Galaxy Phone, do not forget to install
    parental control software like KidsProtectSpy

  7. pilar molina

    Wrong message I was talking about a girl who got and iPhone and she threw
    it on the floor she is rude

  8. Tempra Halcyon

    I went to many book shops and i still have not found a wreck this journa

  9. permanentkisses

    I love monster high to can you send me a doll Brianna and y’all are a
    family to me

  10. Ana Elmira Alberto

    They are not bragging just because they have better stuff then u guys and
    they didn’t even know that they’re going to get that and they’re so
    grateful to have the gift

  11. James Opilas

    I barely get any presents on Christmas, and my parents are the ones who get
    me what I’ve been raving over. Even then I get like 2 t-shirts. I got a
    scratch card last time.

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