Birth announcements with registry info out if NOT having a baby shower?

Birth announcements with registry info out if NOT having a baby shower?

Question by : Would it b okay to send baby announcements with registry info out if NOT having a baby shower?
My wife is 31 weeks pregnant with both a boy & a girl due May 17, 2014. These babies are our first. We don’t have any other kids. Would it b okay if we sent baby announcements out with registry info if we are not having a baby shower?
Suggestions for wording please.

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Answer by Lisa
It wouldn’t be a bad thing to place a quick note of where she registered for things she would like…

Just place it on the announcement in the corner or something, noticeable but not huge and say: gift registry at …….

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  1. Starsfan14

    I would not put the registry information. You might want to tell a few close friends or family members so that they can pass on the information if asked.

    An announcement should be just that, an announcement of the birth of a baby and it should not be a request for gifts. And if you include that information it will look like you are asking for gifts. I am sure many people will want to give a gift of congratulations when they see the announcement but it is best if you don’t imply that they should.

  2. Tania

    I see no problem with that. I did it with my second, mainly because all my friends and family were insisting on buying us things and we already had plenty of clothes and toys from my first born that was still perfectly good to use. I made my list very early as to not end up with a million things that I did not need and would end up never using.
    Just say “must haves: *and input your list here*
    Or ” Thank you all for the cute outfits, we just love them all. But with all the lovely clothes you got us, the tot’s cupboards are already overflowing. So please don’t get us any more clothes, the twins will never be able to wear every one of their wonderful gifts and we wouldn’t want your kindness to go to waste. Thank you” That’s what I wrote anyway, we had a huge problem with too many clothes and ended up donating most of it to charity. I felt awful that we were giving away gifts from friends and relatives, but there was no way our tot could have worn it all and we felt that it would serve a much better purpose when given to children who needed it than storing it in a box, never to be used.
    Good luck and congratulations on the twins!

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