Your reviews on “Your baby can read.”?

Your reviews on “Your baby can read.”?

Question by sara j: Your reviews on “Your baby can read.”?
The commercials are so convincing and it seems like a great help and start for a babies future in learning. My boyfriend and I have a 3 month old son and we would love to get it for him, but are skeptical. We would definately be willing to take the time in helping him learn and work with him when he is ready. But does anyone have it for their child? I’d love to hear reviews on it.

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Answer by Im awesome & that pisses you off
dont waste you time, or money on that crap. its such a scam.

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  1. Object Permanence

    I think it’s kind of dumb. It’s not “real” reading: it teaches the baby to recognize a set of letters as a certain object or action. It doesn’t teach letter sounds or how to translate parts of words (like -ing or -ed) to figure out other words. I think it’s a silly thiing to spend $ 100 on. If you just read to your baby every day, he’ll be reading by age 2 or 3 anyway.

  2. janna banana

    to me its a waste of money. you can do the same exact thing by yourself. just be creative and make flash cards yourself and take the time to sit and teach. we have a 7 month old and will be doing the same with him. im not wasting over 200 dollars on that.

  3. Pippin

    I don’t have it because I would not ever consider wasting my money on a product like that.

    You cannot teach an infant to read. They don’t have the cognitive ability to learn that skill. The most you might accomplish with YBCR would be to teach him to recognize a few symbols … but that’s not reading.

    If you want to help your baby learn to read (when he IS cognitively ready), read to your baby. Take books out of the library, and buy some if you have the money. Hold baby on your lap and read to him. (Very simple stories, and picture books where you just talk about the pictures.) And let him see YOU reading books for pleasure. As he g

  4. ❤ Zaya y Tony's Mami ❤

    i think its absolute rubbish! i mean seriously dont you want to be able to teach him to read yourself rather than having him watch a video to do it??

  5. Carrie

    I have a number of objections to YBCR.

    First of all, it feeds off the well meaning but misplaced desire parents have to maximize their child’s intelligence. Babies do not need to know how to read. It doesn’t make them smarter. What it does, is it makes parents feel insecure about their child’s intelligence (which is largely inherited anyway) and they put more and more pressure on kids to become academic earlier and earlier. The commercial is correct, there’s a massive amount of brain growth and learning that goes on in the first 5 years but that’s because in those 5 years a human being has a massive amount to learn. They learn everything from object permanence to emotional empathy to language. Things that are infinitely more important than reading.

    Second, it’s a pure whole language method which is actually a very bad way to learn how to read. Whole language theorizes that phonics methods of reading are so difficult that kids get discouraged and don’t read as well. So instead of learning the sounds K-uh-P, they show a child a flashcard c-u-p and say “cup.” If a child visually memorizes 500 words, they can pass themselves off as fluent readers. The problem with the whole language method is that when the child encounters a word they don’t already know, they have a hard time figuring it out. They’re also severely disadvantaged when it comes to spelling.

    Most educators advocate starting with a phonics based method and after you get a start with sounding out words (otherwise known as “decoding”), then you start learning the very common “sight words” such as and, if, or, the, etc. The danger in starting with whole language is that a child will become so accustomed to quick and easy results by memorizing that they won’t have the patience to decode words. Rather than making your child a better reader down the road, you may actually be making them a worse reader because they’ll be a lazy reader.

  6. skegcu

    honestly, i think its dumb. dont do that to your child..he will learn to read when its time. no rush! just let him play and be a baby!

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