Unique baby shower gifts for a new mom

Welcoming a new life into the world is a joyous occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style. As friends and family gather to shower the mom-to-be with love and excitement, choosing the perfect gift becomes a thoughtful endeavor. While essentials like diapers and baby clothes are undeniably ...

Baby shower gift ideas??? Mommy Survival Kit?

Question by ~jessi~ aka....mommy: Baby shower gift ideas??? MOMMY SURVIVAL KIT? I want to put together a mommy survival kit but i cant remember what all goes in it and the sayings if u have any ideas plz let me know... It was like band aides, safety pins, tylenol, and they all had cute sayings ...

A good baby shower gift?

Question by LovelyY: A good baby shower gift? my first cousin has nt yet registered on babies r us, nor target i think, idk that child stay procrastinating lol :) but since shes my first cousin and around my age , the first family members get her the biggest nd the most things , i know my moms ...

Q&A: Baby shower politics?

Question: Baby shower politics? This my 3rd pregnancy. i had a shower thrown for me with my first son (2009) and another with my 2nd son in 2012. i didn't ask for a shower with my second as it was close together and another boy. I'm due MAY 2014 (currently 37wks) with my little GIRL. would it be ...

Baby shower ideas?.?.?.?

Question by : Baby shower ideas?.?.?.? I need some ideas on gifts for what to buy for the winners? So far we have:lotion,nail polish,candle,face mask,and body spray. No picture frames. Best answer: Answer by awommackbook baby powder Add your own answer in the comments!

How do I decline an invitation to a baby shower?

Question by : How do I decline an invitation to a baby shower? A girl I know from work, who I don't really like at all, invited me to her baby shower. Well basically she told me I was coming and better be there. I don't want to be rude but I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in going. I don't want to ...

Baby shower gift?

Question by Wifey73: Baby shower gift? I'm attending a baby shower of a friend from highschool, whom I haven't seen for like 4 years. She's more like friend of a friend. I'd like to get her something useful, but cheap (I'm thinking $ 25 or less). I was thinking a medical kit may be nice but all ...

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