How to firm up post baby body?

Question by b i a n k a: How to firm up post baby body? So i had my son about 10 months ago i lost all the weight very quickly, I'm about 105. However, I want to firm up my stomach and breast. What are some good tips? Thanks! :) Best answer: Answer by Anjaliseek your medical doctor Add your ...

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Watch more pregnancy diet videos -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdiatdGFJYs Learn more about Pregnancy Diet: http://www.parents.com/pregnancy/my-body/nutr... Video Rating: 4 / 5

First-time breastfeeding Mommy?

Question by qυєєи of му cαsтlє ♥: First-time breastfeeding Mommy? Hi everyone. I recently gave birth to my second child on Monday and he came at 32 weeks. I am trying to breastfeed him (I did not BF with my first) and I just want to make sure I'm pumping right. My son is in the NICU so I have to ...

Review bumkins kids waterproof art

Bumkins Waterproof Art Smock I love these!!! I use them exclusively as bibs and just got these to replace the smaller size that was getting to short to fully cover my 2-year-old. I hope they are as durable as the smaller ones. They seem to be. I usually just wipe them down, but when they get ...

Review of boppy changing pad set

I have been really pleased with my new Boppy Changing Pad Set. Soft changing pad cover This cover is extremely soft. When I ordered this item I did not realize the waterproof white section was not attached. It ends up working out better that way because you can easily wash just that section ...

Review of lucky baby sling

In my arsenal of carriers, myLucky Baby slings are my "always with me, easy to use" carriers and that makes them one of my best and most indispensable parenting accessories! My favorite feature of the Lucky Baby slings is their compact size; the sling folds up small enough to fit in a pocket or ...

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