4 Colors Play Doh Ice Cream Cups

Hello, friends!

On our youtube channel KIDS BOOM BOOM you’re gonna find not only funny toys, brilliant inventions and cheerful children’s songs. We are gonna teach our little viewers the names of the colors, how to count and play with kinetic sand. Besides you will find here things we do with mad mattr and play doh. We hope you will like to play with us Play Doh!

The advantages of Play Doh and kinetic sand:

Playing with Play Doh or kinetic sand entertain our children for many hours, giving them a lot of joy, and at the same time is … very developing. Exactly, what are the advantages of playing with the dough?

  • It stimulates imagination and creativity.
  • It’s a great concentration training.
  • It develops low motility and visual-motor coordination.
  • Some specialists say that playing with the kinetic sand or play doh has a positive effect on the cooperation of the cerebral hemispheres, consequently leading to the brain development.
  • The dough is a universal toy – it will interest two-year-olds, but also older children! Making dough is also an idea for integrating the whole family.

Kids Boom Boom – best channel with kinetic sand which shows you how to play and teach you all kind of new things like how to make 4 colors play doh rainbow ice cream cups.



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