How do I decline an invitation to a baby shower?

Question by : How do I decline an invitation to a baby shower?
A girl I know from work, who I don’t really like at all, invited me to her baby shower. Well basically she told me I was coming and better be there. I don’t want to be rude but I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in going. I don’t want to cause a problem because we have a very small crew at work. What is a good way to just say no to it.

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Answer by Landon’s Momma *Due 2/6/2010
tell her you have previous commitments

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  1. Just call the number where it says to RSVP to and tell the person hosting the party that unfortunately you have prior engagements that day and won’t be able to attend.

    Giving a gift is optional.

  2. She is my Sunshine September 29, 2013 at 9:08 am

    Just let her know that you have something else going on that day that was scheduled a long time ago. Tell her you are sorry and wish you could make it. I would still get her a little something. Some bottles or a cute outfit at target, It will cost less than $ 10.

  3. Depending on what day of the week it is say you have a wedding to go to or something else that you already RSVP’d to. Blame it on your husband (or if you have kids) then ‘oh darn you got stuck with the kids that night!

  4. Be sure to plaster a smile to your face and tell her how sorry you are that you can’t make it due to previous commitments. Make other plans that day and time so that you can honestly say you have other plans and so you don’t say you have to babysit someone one day and the next say you have a meeting at church. Then RSVP the number and say you can’t come. Whenever anyone mentions it at work, just say how dissapointed you are that you couldn’t go.

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