Baby shower gift ideas??? Mommy Survival Kit?

Question by ~jessi~ aka….mommy: Baby shower gift ideas??? MOMMY SURVIVAL KIT?
I want to put together a mommy survival kit but i cant remember what all goes in it and the sayings if u have any ideas plz let me know…

It was like band aides, safety pins, tylenol, and they all had cute sayings that went with it…

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Answer by Due May 10, 2008<3
What to Expect the First Year
(The Shower Gift Poem)

Here are some ideas for the [Parents (magazine)] – to – be

The [formula] for nurturing your sweet new baby

The [light (night light)] of your lives, your baby’s nearly here

Soon you both* can [Snuggle (fabric softener)] and hold your baby near

Those first sweet cries will be [music (cassette tape of lullabyes)] to your ears

Hold your wee one close, tell your baby [“No More Tears” (Johnson’s Baby Shampoo)]

To [bond (savings bond; Gold Bond baby powder)] with your new baby, every day
and every night

The [keys (baby teething keys)] are love and kindness, soft touches are just right

You can [Pamper (Pampers diapers)] your new bundle, who needs to feel secure

Your little [lamb (stuffed animal)] will love you, of that you can be sure

As the [apple (jar of baby food)] of your eyes, your baby can be free

To learn about the world in a bright safe [nurser (Playtex nurser)]-y

Please try not to [Shout (stain remover)] if your baby makes a fuss

It’s your [Child (magazine)]’s way of learning to be like the rest of us

We hope you have enjoyed these [tips (Q-tips)] for family

We’re certain that parenthood will suit you to a [tee (t-shirt)].


Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses: for you and the baby, for you both deserve them

Penny: for your thoughts

Pen & Journal: to write down your thoughts & to remember those amazing moments

Clock: to remind you that time will pass by too quickly, enjoy every moment

Mirror: to remind you that you are important too

Marbles: to replace the ones you will lose

Jewel: now that you are a mother, you are even more valuable

Rubber band: to remind you that flexibility is the key

Lifesavers: to save you from one of those days

Tissue: to dry those tears, the babies and yours

Toothpick: to pick out the good in all situations

Fireball: for times when you are burnt out

Lollipop: to lick all your problems

Eraser: to remind you that every new Mom made mistakes

Puzzle Piece: because you are an important piece in your child’s journey through life

Starburst: for energy!

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  1. lifesvariables April 30, 2014 at 2:36 am

    A survival kit for mums includes;
    ear plugs
    bath bubbles
    favourite alcoholic beverage i.e. large bottle of white wine

  2. toanypassingfad April 30, 2014 at 3:15 am

    Personally, I would just stick to the mom’s baby registry. See if she has registered for any of these items and purchase them. Unique presents are nice, but you also want to help her, complete her registry, plus she may have some of these items already.

  3. I got one from a friend to take to the hospital with me.. it was the best thing ever and I still use it when we travel! It came in a little pink & blue mini suitcase.
    In it was:
    A headband for sweat
    Advil soft gels
    Shampoo & Conditioner travel size
    2 mini toothbrushes (for Mom & Dad)
    toothpaste travel size
    A notepad
    A sudoku book
    A pen
    A razer
    a few breast pads
    face wash & cleansing pads
    Daddy essentials:
    Shaving cream & a razor for him
    Baby Essentials:
    a beanie hat
    lotion & body wash for baby kit
    2 diapers & a pack of wipes
    a soothie

    I loved this gift.. and would recommend this gift for any expecting mommy.. she’ll love it. ;-)

  4. I have never heard the poem , but what that other mother said is so cute!. When I put things together for a shower I usually get a cute blue or pink laundry basket, so that can come on handy later and I put in it, Tylonal, pacifiers, a grooming kit,. nail cutters, aspirator, cute outfit, wipes, diapers, alchol swabes, A&D diaper rash ointment, powder, head to toe baby wash,johnsons night time wash and lotion,wash clothes, burp clothes, spoons, bibs,teehing ring, orajel q-tip swabs, and whatever else you feel will get her by. I think it is neat to get this stuff because you actually need it and most people give you clothes for the shower, and this is a practical gift.

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