Baby carrier
How to prepare for a return to school?

Holidays are the most beautiful period in the whole year for everyone who goes to school. We look forward to holidays that pass very quickly. During this time, we lie down late, get up late, spend the day on carefree games, without any duties. However, this time goes definitely too fast and to ...

What are the characteristics of a good baby carrier?

How do you choose the best baby carrier? Nowadays, there are a wide range of different retail outlets for baby products including various types of baby carriers. The price of the goods can vary by a great amount. Their quality also moves on a wide range and often the price is far from being ...

From what age is safe to hold a baby in a baby sling?

A baby sling - or some calls it baby kangaroo carrier - is a very comfortable wear for both babies and mums. The biggest benefit is that it frees up both hands and makes it easier to carry the baby's body weight. It is ideal for longer baby carrying periods. The classic sling is a ...

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