A good baby shower gift?

Question by LovelyY: A good baby shower gift?
my first cousin has nt yet registered on babies r us, nor target i think,
idk that child stay procrastinating lol :) but since shes my first cousin and around my age ,
the first family members get her the biggest nd the most things , i know my moms getting a lot but idk what i should get herrr ? any ideas ,
shes having a girl and the theme of the shower is teddy bears, i think its her baby’s room theme also.

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Answer by Jay Ray
Diapers are always good to go with. . . she’ll eventually run out :D

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  1. Get some cute baby clothes or maybe some diapers or something. mothers love getting that kind of stuff. Maybe some baby food =D

  2. Is anyone getting her a Boppy Pillow? Here’s an adorable one with teddy bears on it.


    $ 10 cheaper on that site than at target.com!

    (Um, babies don’t eat baby food until their at least 6 months, so don’t get her that…)

  3. Donavonzmommy09 April 26, 2014 at 4:50 am

    With my baby I really enjoyed getting diapers because, they go through so many of them, She will most likely get all of the babies things for the room so I dont think I would go with anything with Teddy bears because by the time everyone gets her teddy bears the mom to be will be sick of seeing bears! lol..
    You could maybe make her a basket with a small teddy bear in it? Put things in the basket such as dreft, diapers, wipes, Bath stuff, things like that… Because you can never have to many” of things like that and it also shows creativity. I would like to recommend a baby product that seriously meant ALOT to me and maybe you can buy some of this baby product and put in her gift basket. The baby product is called Gentle Naturals and it has pooh bear and piglet on the front of the bottle and the bottles are like a greenish blue pale color. Its fragrance free so there for it would be very good for the baby. They make ALLLL kinds of baby stuff such as eczema cream which is GREAT, they make baby lotion, Baby Shampoo, Baby Sunscreen, Baby Bug Repellent, Baby Bath Wash, and I seriously think its the best product ever!! I have been buying it for my son since basically birth, its the only thing that he could really use and it helped his eczema. So now since its the only thing that helped my sons skin, Im recommending it to everyone because its helped my son soooo much!! They even have a line that makes cradle crap shampoo, and it even works! It worked when things that the doctor prescribed my son didn’t work. Again, Its called Gentle Naturals and its all Natural :) Ive tryed other products and nothings else even compares to this stuff!! You can find this in the baby section of Kroger’s and Walmart. Have fun at the baby shower :) Hope the Mom to be has a safe and healthy delivery :) PS: Now every shower I go to, people can look forward to getting Gentle Naturals..lol!!

  4. Well my son will be 5 months soon and these are the things I appreciated the most:
    1. Diapers- I got one newborn package, more would have been nice but I’m not complaining
    2. Cute picture frames. I got a few that are every month until 1 year, I absolutely love seeing how my baby boy is growing!
    3. A laundry hamper- very nice for tossing his dirty clothes in!
    4. A handprint mold kit- he’s too young for it now, but I can’t wait till he’s old enough

    Honestly, a lot of the smaller things like these I liked more than the major stuff (swing, bouncer, crib set, etc). Also, not sure if you have the time or know what it is- ltd commodities has some cute baby stuff, including a month by month photo album.

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