Q&A: Baby shower politics?

Question: Baby shower politics?
This my 3rd pregnancy. i had a shower thrown for me with my first son (2009) and another with my 2nd son in 2012. i didn’t ask for a shower with my second as it was close together and another boy. I’m due MAY 2014 (currently 37wks) with my little GIRL. would it be wrong to throw a shower? I DON’T understand the HATERS

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Answer by DM
You should not throw your own shower, that is rude. You already had two showers
HAVE YOU ever even thrown showers for anyone else ?
If you want to celebrate her arrival then invite people to a Welcome Party for her….no gifts required.

Seriously don’t be so selfish and GREEDY
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  1. Don’t throw yourself a shower, it comes off as greedy. Since this baby is a different gender a friend or family member should throw one for you.

  2. Megan *Old Account Suspended May 15, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Don’t even bring it up to anyone. If people mention a shower, then maybe since its a girl. But how much do you really NEED?

  3. I think that it is not rude to want to throw a baby shower if noone else is going to do it for you. I didn't expect everyone to bring me gifts with my sons babyshowers, so I do think that you should put gifts welcome, but not required. The point is to celebrate your baby. Maybe you could put it as a potluck so that you aren't providing all the food, but its still a babyshower. Still do games and all that. I'm sure you'd rather have your friends come and have fun with you for your baby than regret not having any sort of shower @ all

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