4 Things to Expect After Weight Loss

If you are an overweight person who is planning a diet program to reduce weight, then you may be wondering as to what all ways weight loss will affect you. While getting your body back in shape is the one obvious benefit, weight loss has many more psychological, physical, and emotional benefits to offer you. And below, we look at some of the positive things you can expect after losing weight.

Improved Self Esteem

One of the first things you will notice is that your perception of yourself changes for the better. If your excess weight had created a feeling of low self-esteem in you over the past years, then the weight loss will gradually help you recover that self-esteem. In a study conducted on 144 women who underwent a 12-month obesity treatment plan, it was found that the self-esteem increased with every decrease in weight. So, if you have been holding off from joining in any dance class because of your weight, you can expect to feel pretty chill about it once you lose weight.

Greater Confidence

Together with self-esteem, another important psychological benefit of losing weight is increased confidence. This is especially true in the case of dating. Many overweight people often choose not to date because of their body shape. But once you lose weight and get into a normal shape, you will be more confident of interacting with people of the opposite gender and asking them out for a date.

Fertility and Sex

Obese women face many problems with fertility and pregnancy. This is because the excess fat tissue will disrupt the hormonal balance in a woman’s body. And this will negatively affect her chances of becoming pregnant. However, losing weight can bring back those hormonal levels to normal and you will improve your chances of conceiving a baby. In addition, people should also expect a vast improvement in their sex life. It is estimated that obese people are likelier to be dissatisfied with sex than people who have normal weight. However, just a 10% drop in weight is seen to improve sexual satisfaction dramatically. So, after you lose weight, you can expect the physical relationship with your partner to become more intense and pleasurable.

Bladder Control

When women become overweight, they start to develop issues with the bladder. Specifically, many women are likely to experience leaky bladder where they might pass urine by accident. This mostly happens because the excess weight in the tummy keeps the bladder in a pressured situation. As such, if you suddenly sneeze or laugh heartily, then the bladder can lose control and you might end up passing urine. This obviously is an embarrassing thing that everyone will want to avoid. And the best way to do so will be by cutting down your weight. In fact, reducing your weight by only 10% will avoid such incidents to a great degree.

So, if you are planning to take any vow for the New Year, commit yourself to losing weight. Take up a diet plan, start working out, and you will soon see rapid changes in your life.

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