5 Crafts For Kids You Must Try This Summer

We already know that you have a lot of free time ahead of you. Your children are going to enjoy this summer very much, but in addition to the pool and the beach, they can do some arts and crafts. Today we show you 5 different crafts for this summer. Simple and fun, so that everyone can work together.

Donut Balloons

donut balloons

If you have an event, this craft can be perfect. It’s about creating fun donut-shaped balloons. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to find the balloons with this shape, yes, with the typical donut hole. Don’t worry, in any party decoration store you can find them.

Choose white balloons to paint later on. Once inflated, you will have to paint a colored circle. Choose bright colors like pink, yellow, or orange, which are also ideal for summer. Then, when you have your donut painted, glue small pieces of Pinocchio paper. A hilarious touch for these balloons that will become the center of all eyes in your summer children’s party.

Ice Cream Garlands


We continue with the theme of the parties; and it is that surely someone has a birthday at home this summer. If you want to hang garlands in addition to the balloons, take a good look at these garlands with ice cream shapes.

It can’t be easier. You only need cardboard, scissors, paints, and the typical ice cream sticks. Don’t forget the rope.

It would be best if you created different ice creams but double-sided. Cut the silhouettes so that we have two parts, with the same shape, joined at the top. So, you can put the string of the garland without having to glue it.

As for the decoration, you can choose the one you like the most. Colorful ice creams that will liven up any party.

Fruit-Shaped Fan


Summer is hot, a good fan can come in handy, both for our little ones and for us. To do this, you can take advantage of and make a fun craft. On this page, you will find the templates to print the models. You should use paper or cardboard and fold them as if they were an accordion. Also, glue an ice cream stick to the bottom to make them easier to use.

A Mobile Ice Cream Stand


Do your children like to play shop? For this summer, better a store than a street vendor that sells ice cream.

The image makes everything quite clear. Take a box and put a ribbon on it so they can hang it around their neck. Put in that box material such as cork to be able to nail the ice creams. Then, make different ice cream types with cardboard, with a lot of colors, without forgetting to stick the typical stick so that they can be attached well to the box of your ice cream makers.

Chalks Shaped Like Ice Cream


We finish again with ice cream, but this time with a craft for the most artists. These are chalks in the shape of ice cream. Fun, right?

To make them, we will only need a cup with plaster, a little water, a few drops of coloring (the less we put, the more cake the mixture will remain), ice cream sticks, and mold so that everything can dry well.

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