5 Secret Lingerie Tips for New Moms (#5 is the Most Lovable)

You actually gave birth to another human being. If your mind doesn’t think of it as a big deal, I’m sure your body does. After all, both have been through the pressure of pregnancy and delivery. And now you look down at your boobs and wonder whose they are!

Adjusting to the postpartum body is tough as it is. At such times, a little mood-changer can a go a long way. I’m talking about pampering yourself with some sexy yet practical lingerie. So here are the 5 secret lingerie tips for new moms.

Now it’s true that you should feel beautiful in whatever you decide to wear. I’m totally in favor of inner beauty. But when the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties look pretty too, why not indulge a little bit!

5 Secret Lingerie Tips for New Moms

#1 Not all maternity/nursing bras are good for you

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After the size of your breasts settles, which happens a few weeks into breastfeeding. This is when your body understands how often you’re nursing the baby or babies. Then it’s time to find the best nursing bra. Does that make sense?

But choosing the best nursing bra is no cakewalk. There are many local maternity stores and online shopping boutiques. But here’s the problem with the majority of these nursing bras.

  • They don’t offer a comfortable fit

Sometimes, maternity bras tend to smoosh your breasts together. And when they’re not doing that, expect them to pinch the back fat. Let alone holding up and supporting your boobs!

  • They look frumpy

How many times have you come across a nursing bra collection that looks like it might have been a huge hit when your great-grandmother was in the prime of her life? Can you relate to what I’m saying? If yes, then please ditch demi-cups.

  • They are boring

You get to choose from only two colors; black and nude. And that’s about it. Even the pattern is the same. No lace, no fun, nothing.

But here’s the good news. There are a few maternity/nursing bras that look surprisingly pretty. Much like the Belabumbum Maternity Lotus and Nursing Lace Trimmed Bra. You can walk around in this number without feeling like a constantly lactating cow. Just make sure to draw your curtains to avoid any awkwardness with your neighbors.

#2 Welcome sheer paneling

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Bras designed with sheer panels should be your best friends. You’ll find many modern nursing bras that offer sheer paneling at the top.

The support of these bras is very impressive too. Even without an underwire! And no wire means less pressure on your breasts.

Some of these sexy sheer-paneled pieces are also equipped with drop clips. To make nursing more convenient!

#3 Choose mid-rise over high-rise

You should feel proud of yourself each time you look at your tummy. It’s a constant reminder that you were strong enough to go through pregnancy and childbirth. Think of it as your very own badge of honor.

But I know that it’s not always easy to think of the tummy this way. So in such moments, why not wear a pair of the most comfortable underwear that makes you feel better about your body. And the first thing that comes to mind is mid-waist panties.

They’re cute plus they provide soft tummy shaping. Preferably designed using lycra fabric! So fit and flexibility are not a problem either.

Here’s something that might help:

#4 Befriend crop top bras

Photo credit: newbeginnings.com.au

Have you ever laid your eyes on a wire-free seamless crop top bra? It’s the most suitable for you if you have smaller breasts. And that’s because the bra stretches from A-cup to C-cup. In order to fit better!

That’s not it. Crop top bras are both functional and good looking. As for the former, you can take them off during nursing quite easily. Plus, such bras are plenty supportive when they’re on you.

As for the appearance, it’s a modern way to ditch the boring maternity undergarments of the past.

#5 Add a chemise to your collection

You deserve to look radiant. And chances are you might feel radiant too in a chemise. After all, it’s a delicate yet very practical piece of lingerie. I mean it gives you all the mobility and support you need for your hectic day. On top of that, a chemise like this looks sexy and attractive as well.

That’s About It!

These are my 5 secret lingerie tips for new moms. They helped me cope with my postpartum breasts, tummy, and body. A great deal that too! So there’s no reason why this “inside information” won’t do you any good.

If you have any personal or useful tips to share with us here, please don’t hold back. The more the merrier, always remember that. So feel free to share your 5 secret lingerie tips for new moms.

About the author:

Laura Cooper may be yet another mommy blogger. But she doesn’t have a lot in common with the others. It’s because her style of writing is very personal. She creates articles not just to promote her website or products. Her motto is to make mommies like her around the globe feel they all belong to this community. That nobody is alone, even though the struggles are real.


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