A tiny mobile holder for any case: SnapWings

Parents know that entertaining kids with a mobile phone might not be the most advisable thing but let’s be honest we all done it when we needed a little piece of quiet. Giving your mobile phone to a toddler may not be the wisest thing to do if you want to have an intact mobile device for a long while. What you need is a nifty little stand that can hold your phone in the right position for your child to watch it comfortably. You also don’t want to carry a bulky phone stand on your handheld – something small an handy would be perfect to keep your phone in place, isn’t it?

We stumbled upon a crowdfunding project called SnapWings that is to make a tiny little stick-on mobile phone stand called SnapWings a reality.

SnapWings is The World’s Slimmest Stick on Phone Stand. It transform your phone into a viewing platform, anytime, anywhere.

Snapwings is the most pocket friendly phone stand on the market, unlike other stands that get caught on your clothes.

You won’t notice Snapwings until you need them. They are the thinnest stand on the market which makes it ultra convenient, unlike other bulky phone stands.

SnapWings uses an extremely strong adhesive so it will only come off when you want it to. The best thing is that it will never damage your phone after removal.

How long will it last? – It will last for thousands of snaps.

  • SnapWings are extremely durable.
  • They should last easily on your mobile device for 4-12 months and it still works perfectly.
  • They use a similar idea as a slap on wristband. Of course, if you bend them forcefully they will not last as long.
  • It goes through a rigorous testing procedure and the production team will always be at hand to resolve any issues you may have with it

See SnapWings in action – Simple yet amazingly useful.

This item can come very handy when traveling or at times when you simply cannot hold the mobile phone for your little one. Often you just don’t want kids to touch the device – just think of messy feeding time, the screen after those sticky hands are so hard to clean that you will be thankful to have this mobile holder on the back of your phone.

Other than a useful and functional addition to your phone you can also think of it as a stylish item that decorates your phone. The angel-wings like shape really adds a cool factor to the case of your mobile and you can show it off to your friends who will surely want one after they have seen how it works.

The Kickstarter project is going for another week and it’s nearly 50% funded. So if you think this would be a useful thing to use consider backing the crowdfunding listing here to make this product a reality.





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