Album Feature: The Broadway Babies Offers Their Debut Self-Titled Album, “The Broadway Babies”

The Broadway Babies have released their self-titled album, “The Broadway Babies”. This album is geared towards a children’s audience and would be the perfect listen together with parents. The lighthearted and upbeat nature of the songs will allow little kids to sing along easily and learn along the way. 

“The Broadway Babies” consists of six songs: “Magical Microphone,” “Practice Practice Practice,” “Safety In Numbers,” “Sing Your Melody,” “Little Star,” and “I’m OK!” The ukulele-led “Magical Microphone” is a simple tune about a microphone that helps their voice feel strong. “Practice Practice Practice” has a groovy bass and drum beat that encourages kids to keep practicing their work. “Safety In Numbers” is a down-tempo piano song reminding us that in times of uncertainty, our family and friends’ love can help us gain strength. “Sing Your Melody” finds The Broadway Babies singing over a more uptempo piano melody, with the lyrics being about the importance of fun and imagination. The lullaby “Little Star” is an empowering song meant to encourage listeners, set to a soft and slow acoustic guitar. Lastly, “I’m OK!” closes out the album with electric guitar and drums, saying that it’s okay to feel bad or sad sometimes. Needless to say, there is a wide variety of music on this album that any child will likely enjoy. 

Listen to “The Broadway Babies” on Spotify via this link. To find out all other ways to stream “The Broadway Babies,” visit this link. Learn more about The Broadway Babies by visiting their website and following them on Instagram @broadwaybabiesshow.

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