Amaia Pump Hands-Free – Wearable Breast Pump With App

The Amaia wearable breast pump is an innovative and hassle-free breast pump catered to meet the needs of modern moms. It is designed with 100% BPA free material for the safety of mom and baby. The silicone shield is gentle on the skin, making breast pumping a comfortable affair.  The Amaia breast pump is designed with ultra-quiet technology to allow pumping anywhere anytime, without feeling shy or embarrassed. It is incredibly powerful with suction power up to 280mhg. There are 2 modes – stimulation & expression mode with 5 levels of intensity. The breast pump automatically switches from Stimulation mode to Expression mode. It is incredibly smart and auto shuts off every 20minutes to help mom check their output. The breast pump has a memory function, whereby it remembers its previous settings and picks up from there.

The Amaia breast pump is very portable, lightweight, and easy to carry, making it easy for moms to use on the go. Each collection cup can hold up to 8oz of breastmilk. There is a small opening that allows the pouring of milk without spillage. Amaia also has a milk collection cup similar to the Freemie cups, which can be connected to any breast pump for ease of use. There is an intuitive App for the Amaia breast pump, although it doesn’t connect to the breast pump per se, it helps moms keep track of milk stored, monitor baby diaper & sleep pattern. There’s even a lullaby within the app to help put the baby to sleep.

Amaia app

Who This Product Is Ideal For
The Amaia Wearable & Hands-free breast pump is perfectly suited to every mother, particularly working mothers.

Why You Should Buy It
The Amaia breast pump is designed with ultra-quiet technology, all in one piece technology for hassle-free, cordless & wireless pumping; meaning you can pump in private, discreetly without compromising your comfort, time & milk supply.

Product Specifications
Available in white, peach & mint green
Dimensions: 2.9″ x 3.9″ x 4.7″
Weight: 10.2 ounces
Operation: 1 x Lithium metal battery
Warranty: 1-year

Stimulation to Expression mode
Easy to use and store
Silent operation
Easy to clean
Great suction power
Micro USB chargeable

Can easily spill when you bend over
Integrated app available

Amaia freestyle cups – hands-free pumping, making breastfeeding easier.
Amaia also offers a hands-free but discrete breast milk collection cup similar to the Freemie cups. The cup is designed to collect breast milk while wearing a bra. The collection cups are hands-free but with wires. Each cup can collect up to 6oz / 180ml, milk is collected in the collection cup in the bra and transported through the tubes connecting to the Breast Pump unit. The Amaia freestyle offers discrete and hands-free pumping without compromising milk supply or comfort.

freestyle cups

Who This Product Is Ideal For
This product is ideal for those who work from home as well as those who aren’t looking to spend a small fortune on a breast pump. It is incredibly budget-friendly which I’m sure most new parents will appreciate.

Why You Should Buy It
You should consider the Amaia freestyle cups if you are on the fence between wearable breast pumps & conventional breast pumps. The milk collection cups are fairly affordable and offer a simple and easy way to breastfeed.

Easy to use
Collection cups can be used with other pumps
Extremely easy to clean
Integrated app available
Spill-proof design

Not wireless

How Do You Put On A Wearable Breast Pump?
Putting on a wearable breast pump is as simple as ABC. The key takeaway is that the nipple must be in the nipple hole and your bra securely worn. You may need bra adjusters to ensure there’s secured fitting.

How Does It Feel To Wear A Wearable Breast Pump?
Wearable breast pumps are comfortable to wear, although not as discreet as they all advertise to be. They are practical and efficient, your chest may appear bigger or lopsided while wearing any of the pumps.

If you want comfort and flexibility then definitely go for the wearable and hands-free breast pump options such as the Elvie, Amaia & the Willow breast pumps. The Extra paid is well worth the convenience.

Amaia Breast pump is available in white, peach & mint green – available at

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