Andy and The Pharaoh’s Cat Book

Andy and The Pharaoh’s Cat is the third book in the series of Andy’s Adventure books by Carolyn Watson Dubisch, starring Andy, a rambunctious young boy who is regularly whisked away on the most unusual of adventures. These books are generally written for 1 to 4 year olds

In this case he encounters a curious cat-I am more of a dog person myself but you don’t need to be a cat-lover to enjoy this delightful story. Andy is involved in his school play and on opening night before the show a bright orange cat steals the necklace, a rather large amulet that helps define his Pharaoh costume.

He takes off after the cat, who seems to be quite enjoying the chase, and into the stage set for the play. He crawls inside the pyramid and as he exits he’s in the desert chasing the cat down a path and into, of all places Ancient Egypt.

The illustrations are carefully done and richly detailed watercolor paintings. The text is told in verse and especially good for reading aloud. Books about animals, particularly cats, are always going to be popular with young readers as they are so relatable. Author/illustrator Watson-Dubisch has created something truly special with this picture book.

About The Author:
Carolyn Watson Dubisch is the author/illustrator of fifteen children’s books and the illustrator of four children’s books with various authors. She also writes and illustrates comics for kids. Her comic book series include “The Horribles”, “The People That Melt in The Rain” (to be rereleased next year), “After the Robots Died” and “The Dragon in The Closet”.

She currently lives in a house by the beach in Mazatlán, Mexico with her husband, world-famous fantasy artist, Mike Dubisch, and her youngest daughter, Naomi. She also has a very old dog and four Mexican street cats who make life interesting every day.

Reviews for Andy and The Pharaoh’s Cat:
“I enjoyed the rhyming picture book about a Pharaoh and his cat. The rhyming gave the book a gentle and fun rhythm, while the illustrations were colorful and detailed with items from the Egyptian culture.”- Sondra Suzette “Sam” Andersen

This is an adorable story of a boy who follows a cat and gets transferred to Egypt. It’s a beautiful way to learn about a new country through a sweet rhyming story. I love that the illustrations are full page, it really adds to it. It’s a fun, wonderful story that can help you learn about another country.”-Lisa Jacovsky

“enjoyed this book after sharing it with my son. We both thought the time travel aspect was fun and unique, with an Egyptian setting. Using the cat to guide the main character was also fun too. Plus that surprise ending had us laughing!”-Joe Borda

It was a quick yet insightful read. The rhyming was good, but not corny like some children’s books can be. I found it interesting when he becomes part of the set which expands as he follows the thief of a cat – pharaoh’s cat. Throughout the book you could see the Neferti’s necklace, the scepter of Ra – that provided history to the readers, especially if the teachers or parents can demonstrate the historical references as part of a lesson. The book brings that to life.”- Andrea

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