Baby On Board Signs

The “Baby On Board” sticker was created for an important purpose. It can save your child’s life!

Surely, you have noticed many kinds of stickers on the car windows. In recent years, the streets are full of cars covered with the inscriptions like: “I’m driving slowly because It is a slow car”, “The closer you get, the slower I drive” or “Child on board”.

This is because people like to personalize their vehicles, and using all kind of stickers, they reflect who they are, their hobbies and beliefs. Today, however, we would like to draw your attention to the signs regarding the youngest passengers “Baby On Board”.

These stickers first went on sale in 1985, when Michael Lerner was asked by a friend for financial help in creating a certain sign. The man was traveling with his 18-month-old nephew what was the reason that he was driving very slowly and the rest of the drivers were trumping on him. Nobody understood why the man drives so slowly, so he wanted to signal to others about his attitude.

Lerner invested in his friend’s idea and started the campaign “Safety 1st”. After 30 years, nearly 30 million characters were sold.

Initially, the sign was supposed to protect the child while his parent or guardian is the driver, but today the sticker is used for various purposes. In case of an accident, having this type of sign on the car window, can save a child’s life. It indicate to the rescuers that there might be a child trapped inside the vehicle who cannot get out of the car by itself.

However, using the “Baby On Board” sign does not release parents from being careful.

In some situations, using to many stickers or not in the right place can obstruct the driver’s view and cause a potential accident. Also, “Baby On Board” sign should be placed on the windscreen only when the child is actually in the vehicle. A survey of 2,000 drivers showed that 46% of parents drive with the sticker, even if their child is not in the car.

Surely, removing stickers every time your child is not sitting in the car it is not ideal. For that reason we can choose “Baby On Board” magnet which can be easy removed at any time.

The Baby On Board Signs alerts the other drivers that there is a child in the car and calls for caution. Let’s protect the little passengers and try to minimize the risk as much as possible!

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