10 Best Educational Apps For Toddlers

Educational apps are a lot better than video games. With some much technology around us, it’s
important to remember that we can use this technology for educational purposes. If you have an
iPad at home, here are 10 educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers that you have your
child start using today.

  1. Elmo Loves 123’s
    This app uses everyone’s favorite character to get excited about learning their first numbers.
    The app uses videos, games, and drawings to help memorize numbers and shapes. And it
    teaches them how to count.
  2. YouTube Kids
    This app only shows videos that are appropriate for kids ages 2-12. YouTube Kids has an
    abundant amount of educational videos for kids by kids. Parents should still be mindful of setting
    parental controls, just for safeguarding purposes.
  3. Khan Academy Kids
    Simple math, language, motor skills and development, and reading and literacy are some of the
    lessons and topics that are offered by this great app. It even has sections for critical thinking and
    emotional lessons. The plethora of animal characters makes this app comfortable and fun for
  4. Starfall ABCs
    This app gives kids a fun, animated, and interactive way to learn letters, vowels, and words. It
    also includes the sign language alphabet. If you upgrade to the paid version, you will get extra
    lessons on math and social skills. However, upgrading is not required.
  5. Duolingo
    Learning a new language is fun with Duolingo. This app offers a variety of languages that kids
    can learn. In fact, a person can learn 30+ languages with bite-size lessons based on science.
    This app is completely free and there are no hidden fees. The in-app purchases are completely
    optional. The developers claim that just 34 hours on the app is equal to a semester at a
  6. Stack The States 2
    This part game, part educational tool, and the app offers the ability to learn geography in a fun
    way. Each right answer leads to winning a state to add to the stack. The ultimate goal is to stack
    the states to a certain height.
  7. Class Dojo
    A virtual classroom is a fun way for kids to learn. And that’s what Class Dojo offers. Moms,
    Dads, students, and teachers can interact with one another using this app. Teachers can
    communicate with students about their educational needs. And parents can stay up to date on
    their child’s education.
  8. Amazon Kindle
    This narrator platform offers books that are kid friendly. If your child loves to read, then taking
    advantage of this app is a must. As you know, reading can help with creativity and imagination.
  9. ABC Mouse
    This is an overwhelming favorite amongst its users. It uses fun storyline-based videos, quizzes,
    and activities to learn a variety of things. There is also a learning map outlining your child’s
    learning path to keep kids engaged. This app has something for kids of all ages. It features interactive games and activities in reading, math, and science tailored specifically to young learners. There are also plenty of puzzles, art projects, songs, and stories to keep little ones entertained for hours—all while teaching them important skills like problem-solving and letter recognition. Plus, with a subscription comes access to over 9,000 books in their online library!
  10. Joy Doodle
    For kids that like to draw or doodle, this app has got them covered. This is a straightforward
    app that enhances motor skills and creativity. It’s also a great way to take a break from intense
Best educational apps for toddlers

Keeping toddlers entertained is not an easy task. You want to find activities that are both fun and educational, but it can be hard to find apps that meet both criteria. Here are another great examples of apps that will keep your kids engaged and learning at the same time:

Endless Alphabet – with this app comes a huge library of words that teach kids about language through interactive puzzles and animations. As they progress through each level they will learn how letters form words as well as their meanings. The adorable illustrations help make learning fun too!

Toca Kitchen Monsters – here your toddler can explore their culinary creativity by making meals for four different monsters from breakfast burritos to pancakes with ice cream! All the food items are bright and colorful so it’s sure to capture your toddler’s attention and keep them coming back for more imaginative cooking adventures!

In addition to apps for devices, there are a number of games for kids to play indoors. Playing
games indoors allows children to step away from their devices and get some exercise. Games
like Blind Man’s Bluff and Hide and Seek are definite favorites amongst children.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to keep kids entertained while learning at the same time.
Keep in mind that all of these apps are free but have paid components to them. The free
versions generally offer more than enough features to keep your child learning.

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