Best Suction Plates for Toddler

Every parent can confirm that learning to eat independently is a difficult task for children. However, to make their everyday challenges more enjoyable, parents might want to invest in useful accessories. When children start their adventure with food, it is worth providing them with colorful plates and bowls that will encourage them to eat alone. Different shapes and children’s patterns for sure will help the little one to enjoy mealtime.

When choosing the dishes for children we need to consider safety and the material they are made of. In this article, we recommend the silicon suction plates and bowls for feeding the babies, toddlers, and kids. This eco-friendly dish, made from 100% Pure Silicone has a non-slip surface that sticks to any clean smooth surface and keeps the plate on its place while feeding. In many cases, especially with toddlers eating vigorously, special suction holding the dish on the tray or table will be very useful. It ensures that the meal will remain in place, without tipping over and falling to the floor.

What’s more, these dishes are made from silicone which does not harbor bacteria and it does not support fungus growth. It is safe for kids, it doesn’t fade, corrode or deteriorate, even when used intensively. You can wash it in the dishwasher and put it to the microwave. Silicone is a great material for children’s dishes because it is neutral, has no taste or smell. It is also chemically inert, which means that it does not emit any substances that can penetrate food, as it is in the case of some types of plastics.

Children like to poke and mix the food on the plates. To take care of the aesthetics side of your child’s meal, you can buy a plate with special compartments that prevent mixing. Scooping food with a spoon or fork from such a plate is a bit more difficult than from a traditional one. On the suction plate for toddlers, you can put 3 different portions of food and separate them from each other so they do not get mixed that easily. The compartments also help moms to serve an appropriate quantity of a variety of food with better presentation making mealtime fun and exciting for toddlers.

suction plate

The silicone fish shape plates fit on almost all kinds of high chairs. They are resistant to breakage, even if they fall from a great height. For sure parents will appreciate these qualities. This unbreakable dish, regardless of the child’s mood, will endure all falls. Capacious, but extremely light and durable silicon dishes make it easier for parents to feed their children. On the other hand, they enable children to learn how to eat independently, which can sometimes turn into creative fun combined with the exercise of small motor skills. A cute fish shape plate is a great way to serve your child a meal.


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