Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Clitoria Ternatea, also known as blue tea or butterfly pea, is a plant grown mainly in Asia. It has a delicate, herbal aftertaste, and after brewing it captivates us with its beautiful blue color. Selected from the local suppliers in Thailand, Valever butterfly pea flower petals are used as natural food dyeing. You can add these edible flowers for cake decorating, drinks, smoothies, tea party decorations and organic food coloring. This plant has been used in natural medicine for centuries as a cure for many ailments. It is good for your hair, skin, nails and it helps with improving circulation to the body.

Health benefits of butterfly pea flowers:

  • they are rich in antioxidants responsible for slowing down the aging processes, they also catch dangerous free radicals, which are the cause of many diseases, e.g. cancer,
  • flavonoids have anti-inflammatory and stabilizing properties,
  • anthocyanins help to heal the lining of the stomach.

The dried flowers of Clitoria Ternatea owe their beautiful blue color to the numerous anthocyanins present in their cells. Anthocyanins are a group of organic compounds of plant origin. They are natural dyes,  and after pouring the liquid on the flowers, the infusion changes color depending on the pH level of the substance added to it. For example, a few drops of lemon will change the color from blue to purple or pink. After brewing, the clitoris increases its volume even twice. With just a few flowers, we can enjoy the beautiful color of the prepared delicacies.

Clitoria infusion can be drunk both hot and cold. In Asian countries, blue tea is served with honey and lemon as a refreshing drink. A popular way to use clitoria flowers is also to make cocktails with flowers frozen in ice cubes. The drink will change its color as the cubes dissolve. Clitoria can also be used to color drinks, desserts, appetizers and other dishes so you can surprise your guests with hypnotic blue delicacies while maintaining 100% natural ingredients and 0% artificial colors. Enjoy the calming and relaxing properties of butterfly pea flower tea after a session of yoga, meditation, massage, or spa. You can drink it any time of the day as it is 100% caffeine free.

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