Choosing Bath Cosmetics for Your Child

Baby bath cosmetics should moisturise the skin and prevent irritation. A small child’s skin has a very thin epidermis and a poorly developed protective layer. Therefore, it is very easy to dry, which can even lead to inflammation and other skin changes. Baby cosmetics must be selected carefully especially in the first months of life. They cannot contain too many ingredients, especially if you are buying them for a newborn. Choose hypoallergenic products, because then the risk of irritating the baby’s delicate skin is minimal. It is worth paying attention to the products with ingredients that have a soothing effect, like aloe extract.

The bath set should be from one brand. If you use body wash and a moisturiser from two different brands, you won’t be able to tell what caused the skin irritation. Good Bubble offers all the best bath cosmetics that you need for your child. Their naturally-derived, vegan range is suitable for newborns and those with sensitive skin. All products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Baby’s bath gel, lotion or emulsion, are perfect solutions when you need to bath your baby yourself, without anyone’s help. The packages may contain a pump that allows easy and comfortable use. It is not recommended to wash children’s hair with such products, because they have greasing properties and can stick the hair. We should use a baby shampoo that protects, moisturise, and hydrate our baby’s scalp and hair without any harm. It is important not only that the shampoo smells nice or makes it easier to detangle the hair, but above all, that it does not cause burning or tearing. The best baby shampoo and hair wash for newborns and infants contains hypoallergenic ingredients that are natural. These products are filled with fresh, natural scents that are kind to skin and will leave your baby’s hair smelling fresh after every bath. If you don’t want to wash your baby’s hair with soap and decide to buy a baby shampoo, remember to check the label. Pay attention to SLS-free and paraben-free baby shampoo, which unfortunately is very common in these products. It can cause skin changes, peeling, allergies, rashes, and many other problems.

When buying cosmetics for your child, pay attention to the ingredients. Instead of chemical substances, they should contain natural ingredients, preferably plant extracts. Flowers and herbs are the best and proven healing and caring substances. They are not harmful to the baby. Calendula and chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties, almond and apricot oils nourish the skin, and aloe extract regenerates it. So choose the best baby cosmetics, and make the happiest baths for your little ones.


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