Christmas Story – Great Christmas Gift for Your Kid

Looking for a Children’s Christmas gift that won’t be broken or forgotten by New Year?

Children’s author Laura St. John has written what I predict will become a classic Christmas story. In The Christmas House St. John puts a modern spin on the story of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to give birth to baby Jesus.

Laura St John

In this version, the young couple visits house after house after house but everyone is too busy or too distracted to help the family in need.

St. John’s books are all morals-based and the lesson behind The Christmas House is that we all spend too much time on our phones, TV’s tablets, and computers.

St. John hopes that bringing valuable messages to children at a young age will impact them before they fall into harmful behavior.

St. John first started writing poetry as a child. Just for fun, she created a tiny book of poems that reflected events that were going on in her life: the death of her father, moving away from her best friend, her first love. It soon turned into a joy of writing that led to receiving numerous awards for her copywriting abilities and extemporaneous speaking skills.

The Christmas House is a hardback book, beautifully illustrated by Ron Neale, and will make a wonderful Christmas gift.

The Christmas House is available on Amazon, but if you order directly from the author at she will autograph it to the recipient!

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