Creating a Plant Themed Baby Nursery

There is nothing sweeter and more fulfilling than bonding with your baby in the nursery. And there is absolutely no reason that you can not create a safe and secure place for your baby that is at the same time calming and inviting for you to spend time there. Let us give you tips on how to create your own plant themed baby nursery room.

In order to create your own baby nursery first, you need to select which room should be your baby nursery. That, of course, if you have a choice. Still, do not feel discouraged if your nursery room looks more like a corner of your own bedroom or a cleverly redesigned closet as a lot of new mums like to have their babies near. However, babies like to have a quiet room, especially throughout the night or during day naps, and not needing to share the space with adults can help them concentrate on sleep and rest.

It is very important for people who enjoy nature to introduce their kids to it. And it’s never too early for that. Then why not opt for plant themed baby nursery? You don’t have to make your nursery room a botanical garden or jungle, but you can do that too. Nature exudes serenity, your every visit to the nursery room will be an anti-stress therapy. And babies enjoy it too. Plants protect and calm them.

However, making a plant themed baby nursery does not require you to fill the nursery with plants and only plants. This is not even desirable because there is an optimal number of plants that you can place in a small space without affecting the oxygen level in the room. What you should do instead is combine living plants with motifs and materials from nature. Make your baby’s nursery design balanced. Your baby will enjoy the connection with nature and parental love.

Plants have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Many types of houseplants are known as medicinal, and some have a harmful effect on bacterial and fungal spores, as they disinfect the air in the room. It has been proven that in rooms with these kinds of plants the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the air is reduced by 50% or more.

What plants should I use for my Plant Themed Baby Nursery?

In order to make your baby’s nursery safe, make sure not to hang plants over your baby’s crib or changing table. Plants should never be placed near or above the playing area in your nursery room. Children can overturn the pot. Keep plants out of the reach of their handles.

Here are 8 plants you can use to help you complete your plant themed baby nursery design which is also safe and healthy for your baby:

1. Wax Vine
2. Arrowroot
3. String of Pearls
4. String of Hearts
5. Spider Plant
6. African Violets
7. Spiderwort
8. Lemon

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