Disadvantages of Disposable Diapers

No doubt, diapers have done a great job when it comes to dealing with those non-stop potty sessions of young ones. They have provided the mothers of little babies with extreme convenience for sure. There was a time when the only purpose of their life was to feed their young ones or to wash their potties. Thanks to disposable diapers, they gave the mothers some time to think about themselves. Diapers are undeniably a blessing in disguise.

But have you ever thought that this blessing in disguise can cause some seriously harmful side effects to those innocent little heinies? Yes, disposable diapers are carrying several disadvantages that aren’t going to please you much. So let’s read this article till the last paragraph so that you can save those little bottoms from various unfavorable circumstances.         

What are Disposable Diapers Made of?

Though various diaper making companies and brands are using different and unique stuff and chemicals for the production of their diapers, the major and general components of all diapers are the same which includes:

  • Tissue, 
  • Polyethylene 
  • Polyurethane
  • Absorbing Agents
  • Waterproofing agents
  • Adhesives

Disadvantages of Disposable Diapers

Habitat for Bacteria

When the baby pees in the diaper, a substance known as polyacrylate absorbs and prevents the urine from leaking out. This very substance also prevents the oxygen from entering the diaper, thus resulting in a lack of ventilation. So, when your baby is in continuous interaction with diapers, lack of oxygen causes the diaper to become moist and humid, which then serves as a habitat for bacteria and fungi and hence giving birth to various skin infections. 

Happens to be Toxic

It has always been suggested to give your baby a “Free Time”, a time without a diaper. Sleep is important for babies, when a baby is using disposable diapers at night and day, its skin is in contact with many toxic chemicals that are used in the production of diapers. There is an increased chance of those toxins to enter your baby’s skin and cause many complications in its urinary system.  

They can Cause Allergies

Baby Diapers are made of several harmful and strong chemicals for the absorption of urine that isn’t good for the baby’s skin as the baby’s skin is proven to be really sensitive. So, if a baby is using diapers 24/7 there are high chances that it may develop skin allergies.

cute baby boy smiling while wearing a disposable diaper

They are a Big Cause of Skin rashes

However there are guides to prevent rashes but still all the parents have been found complaining that their babies are getting rash too often. Continuous use of baby diapers causes the side of the diaper to rub against the legs which produce friction and as a result, the baby’s skin gets irritated, sore, and red.

They are Costly

Disposable Diapers can be very heavy on the budgets. It’s a fact that an average baby uses 5-8 disposable diapers on the regular babies, the price of every diaper varies according to the different brands and companies present in the market. As parents always want to choose the best thing for their babies, they always go for the expensive ones which disturb their budget a lot.    

Become a Hurdle in Toilet Training

When a baby becomes used to disposable diapers, he feels completely dependent on them, that’s why it becomes extremely difficult for the parents to potty train their children and it takes a lot of time to get rid of the diapers.

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