Discover The 9 Advantages Of Having A Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Many people feel that these fireplaces are eco-friendly, stylish and especially sleek. They are considered among the latest fashion for interior home design and their popularity is growing with each passing month. Here we will take a look at 9 of the biggest reasons that you will want to consider investing in a wall mounted fireplace.

1. Easy To Install

If you have ever installed a wall mounted flat screen TV you will find this very similar and it will simply be a matter of installing a wall bracket close enough to an electrical outlet that you can plug it in and that’s all there is to it. There are some models that come with a pedestal base so that you can place them on a buffet table or dresser. This makes them like having a portable fireplace.

2. Saves Space

Many homeowners don’t want a free-standing gas or wood stove because they take too much room and that makes a wall mounted fireplace version a great alternative. This type of fireplace comes in a number of different sizes and shapes that make them a great choice for large homes as well as small apartments. This makes these units easy to find and they fit with whatever available wall space you have.

3. Stylish

These modern fireplaces are contemporary and have clean lines. The interior uses either driftwood or river rock while others use pebbles or sand or glass embers.

4. Zone Heating

Some models have a powerful fan-forced heater that makes them suitable for heating a room. There’s also the option to simply turn off the heater and enjoy ambient flames. You’re able to easily control the flame and the heat produced with the remote control from anywhere in the room.

5. Real Looking Flames

With these fireplaces, you get a unit that produces a very realistic flame. This increases the overall enjoyment of the fireplace. You will have what appears to be a realistic wood burning flame without all the mess and fuss.

6. Economical

These fireplaces will plug into a standard outlet so there’s no need to rewire anything. Their cost to operate is pennies an hour making them affordable for anyone.

7. Eco-Friendly

There is no smoke that comes from these fireplaces and there’s no need to refuel and no matches required. There is no chimney that will need to be cleaned. Electric fireplaces produce an estimated 90% less carbon dioxide than gas fireplaces.

8. Safe

The front of the fireplace is always cool to the touch which makes this perfect for families with children. The parents won’t have to worry about the children getting burned.

9. Durable

These fireplaces are built with quality hand finishes and the best hardware. They are made to withstand a great deal of wear and tear and to hold up over time.


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