Engaging Young Kids with Game Design Lessons

Inviting children to learn programming and participate in classes where tasks are solved with lines of code might not always seem like fun. However, if programming is presented in an attractive form (e.g. by playing with LEGO® bricks or using Minecraft), the situation changes completely. Properly selected games for learning programming are perfectly balanced so that the young student has the opportunity to create something that they like, without forcing them to enter the world of complex and long sequences of algorithms. Well-prepared game development classes make the child want to explore the secrets of programming. Game design skills carry over to all other aspects of programming.

Why is it worth teaching children programming?

According to research, programming for children develops logical, strategic, and creative thinking. However, it is well known that children learn best through play, which is why coding workshops for children are based on gentle learning and fun using new technologies. Programming language for children must be based on simple messages and techniques adapted to the development level and preferences. Learning programming languages ​​for kids has many benefits that affect their overall development:

  • Teaches the ability to work in a group and create productive relationships,
  • Stimulates commitment and curiosity,
  • Teaches how to draw conclusions from failures,
  • Influences the inquisitiveness and search for the best solution,
  • Affects cognitive abilities and analytical and computational skills,
  • It teaches self-denial and focusing on one task,
  • It has an impact on the next stages of education or even a future career.

Teaching kids to program in an easy-to-follow environment gives them a headstart on the technological world and is extremely relevant in today’s modern-day and age. Additionally, they learn all the basics of art and music, needed to design a video game. Combined with the basics of a given programming language, they can use the knowledge and technology not only for entertainment but also for creation. Children do not realize that by creating a dream world in computer games, they learn problem-solving, hard thinking, graphic design, user interface, and technology creation.

Play Learn Design offers free game design webinars that are held twice a month for children and teens that go through all the basics of game design and programming in the HTML5 based engine.

Learning to develop computer games is a series of skills that will come in handy later in writing complex programs for enterprises, etc. Perhaps the goal is different, but the measures taken are definitely built on the same foundations. Therefore, the passion for creating games should not be negated, because the programming skills gained in this way will remain and may evolve into other extremely interesting ideas, generally associated with programming in the future.

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