Fantastic new educational and fun children’s book: Lars the Loser by Ashley Statham

Just launched on Kickstarter, this book is a must-have for parents, teachers, daycares, grandparents, really anyone!

Lars the Loser is a rhyming children’s story about a boy named Lars who always loses! Although he is a “loser”, he’s the best loser you’ve ever seen. He always finds a way to win – whether he learns a new skill, practices good sportsmanship, or even adapts to changed plans.

The goal in writing Lars the Loser was to write a story that teaches children (and maybe adults) that not everyone gets first place, and that there are always ways to be a winner.
Lars the Loser includes 22 pages of story and 22 fully illustrated pages, clocking in around 50 total pages (25 front and back). It is completely written and submitted for copyright.

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This interesting, rhyming story will teach young readers that everyone loses at some point in their life. Everyone falls down once in a while, but what’s more important is getting back up and finding the other wins every day.

What’s really great about this book:
While independently published, it has that big publisher quality feel.
You can get an autographed version!
The back of the book has discussion questions for the whole family.
It’s super cute, fun, and educational!

Order now to get an exclusive first edition copy and it will ship in October! Read it immediately or save it for Christmas, this is a must-have for every parent and teacher’s book collection.

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