Fun & unconventional children stories teaching important lessons

Children stories don’t only teach values but also aids the development of emotional intelligence while entertaining the same time.

A good story will enrich a child’s mental growth by moving her imagination, guiding her through a sea of emotions, developing her intellect, reconciling her fears, recognizing her troubles, and offer solutions to his/her little problems.

When a child listens to a lot of children stories from early years, he will be able to establish a better relationship with his surroundings, with more advanced vocabulary and imagination.

According to scientific research, a child who watches or listens to many kids stories will have a higher IQ and will be able to learn to read at school faster. Of course, the supply of children books and cartoons are enormous, children can come across so many concepts and genres that are staggering. It’s important to choose the ones that teach values and feature characters and storyline that the child can relate to.

Children stories can connect learning and entertainment, as each tale carries its own message in addition to helping visualization so children can create their own imaginary world in their mind.

Reading should be always a fun time for kids and their parents. Bedtime stories are a great chance for bonding and also to have a good laugh with a witty story – going to sleep in a good mood will most likely result in better resting. Every child has their favourite story and time-to-time it’s worth trying a new and maybe slightly “different” maybe even somewhat unconventional bedtime story to gauge their interest and observe their reaction. A good example of fun bedtime stories for kids is the newly released Children’s book HAHA rain Volume 1. feating titles such as Floofy the Flooferton – Children’s Book Read Aloud and many more. Here’s a small excerpt to get a sense of the book.

The importance of bedtime stories

Playtime, reading books, crafts and art activities have shrinking popularity nowadays considering the easy access digital entertainment options offer. The over-usage of tablet and mobile devices and the reliance on binge-watching TV has inhabited parenting practices. Story reading and practical activities are crying out for more attention.

Evening cartoons and computer games are beginning to take over the fairy tales of the evening – and it is an irreplaceable experience for children that we must not deprive them of. What’s more, important qualities that will determine what kind of personality a child will develop growing up are also created by listening to children stories.

Regular reading = richer fantasy?

Children who regularly read a story usually have a richer fantasy and linguistically they can be considered more advanced than their peers: on average they have a more advanced vocabulary, better reading comprehension later in primary school than children who do not benefit from the story reading. Some sources also mention that it is easier for these children to learn to read and have better drawing skills. This can also be the result of the more advanced fantasy that the tales have.

Reading means quality time spent together

Story reading is one of the best quality pastimes a parent can do with the child. Beyond language skills and the development of fantasy, our child develops emotionally. Kid’s stories have a tension-relieving effect and can help process the child’s existing fears and anxieties through tales. His unrealistic, often unconscious fears are named in the tale, he recognizes himself in situations, and then the story resolves these problems. The heroes of the stories can point him in the direction of the right behavior and teach fundamental virtues, for example: it is worth to be good, to be honest, and then be rewarded and perseverance always reaches its destination.

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