Gift Ideas for New Mums

The birth of a child is a great event for parents, family and friends. The baby is in the center of attention, everyone wants to see him, and shower him with gifts. A new little person deserves special treatment, but this great day is also important to his mother who brought him into the world. Therefore, it is worth remembering that new mum also deserves a little something. 

After giving birth to a baby, mums need some time to recover. It is not easy considering that they focus mostly on the baby and not on them self. When thinking about a gift for new mom, let’s put ourselves in her situation for a moment and see what we would really appreciate.

The gifts that will surely arouse great joy include:

Cosmetics for care

The first thing that comes to mind about a gift for a new mom are cosmetics. A young mother probably doesn’t have much time for makeup, but she will be happy to use cosmetics to care for her tired body, skin and face after giving birth. Lotions with different properties will surely be a lot of joy, especially those regenerating and firming. Pay attention not only to the composition, but also to the packaging – the gift should look beautiful. At Mama Jewels you can choose from a great selection of gift boxes with creams and oils for massage, natural face masks, organic lip balm, lavender soaps and bath bombs and other vegan cosmetics. This kind of essential, 100% vegan goodies will make any mum feel much better.


Today there are so many different options when it comes to jewelry that anyone – regardless of the budget – can afford such a gesture. Delicate earrings, a bracelet or a pendant for sure will make a new mum feel special. Some people may think that wearing jewelry is not very practical while carrying the baby. The child can easily grab the shiny things hanging on your ears or neck. Let’s not forget that babies want to chew everything when it comes to teething. So why not to combine both and get something pretty for mum and at the same time useful for the baby. Mama Jewels came up with the great solution of offering the teething jewelry. Their trendy selection combines everything from bangle bracelets to charming pendants to minimize the discomfort that normally comes with tooth eruption. The baby teething jewelry has sleek cords that will neither rip your hair nor hurt your child.

Regarding top gifts for new mums, we can also think from a different angle. Gifts and services that can make a huge impact during those early days and weeks with a new baby. We can include here:

  • A Meal Subscription Service: to have someone else take care of dinner for a few weeks so the mum can focus on taking care her baby.
  • A Cleaning Service: having someone else come in and take care of cleaning for a few weeks can be a huge relief.
  • A Babysitting Service: it gives new mum a chance to get out of the house and have some much-needed adult time.
  • A Gift Certificate to a Baby Store: it is incredibly helpful considering how much stuff babies need.
  • A Diaper Delivery Service: can be very useful for any new parent and convenient to have diapers delivered right to your door.

It can be tough to know what to get a new mum. They’re likely sleep-deprived, emotional, and dealing with a whole new set of challenges. When choosing a gift for a young mother, we should focus on what will please her. There is many good ideas for a nice present, we can gift her with flowers, a book, a voucher to Spa, or visit to a beauty salon. Let’s give her something that will make her feel important, happy and charged her with positive energy!

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