Gift ideas to send a new mother

Having a new baby is such a special time! We all want to share this special experience with our loved ones when they have a new baby. If you can’t be there in person with your loved one, one of the best things you can do is send a special gift to them. This is something thoughtful to help them feel special, loved and nurtured. Here are some wonderful ideas of what you could send to a new mother after she has her baby:

A baby gift hamper:

A baby gift hamper is a lovely and thoughtful gift to send to a new mother when you can’t be with her in person after she has her baby. Choose a baby gift hamper that is packed with practical items that new mothers will use every day. Items such as clothing, nappies, swaddles, and books are really useful as new parents will use them frequently, and will always appreciate more of them. Baby and Mumma Gifts offer a range of Baby Gift hampers packed with practical and adorable items, offering delivery to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

A new mum hamper:

While beautiful items for babies make wonderful gifts, special items just for new mothers can be even more special. If the new mother in your life is away from her family and friends, sending a gift hamper packed with items just for her can be such a special way to let her know that you are thinking of her, and that she is loved. Choosing items such as pampering products, lactation cookies, skincare, and treats for the new mother will help her feel nurtured and loved.

Books for baby:

Books are one of the most universally loved baby gifts, and something that a baby can cherish forever. We also know that reading to babies from a young age is excellent for their language and literacy skills. Help the new parents start early by sending them some favourite childhood books.

Baby clothing:

Baby clothing is another staple that new parents always need more of. You might like to send a combination of practical clothing items, such as growsuits and pyjamas, and some adorable little outfits for photos and special occasions. Clothing is always appreciated, and something that can be used and reused.

Pampering for the new mother:

A new mother has just been through pregnancy, birth, and is entering her postpartum period. This can be a really difficult time for new mothers, and a time that she really needs lots of love and support. Sending off some beautiful pampering products such as skincare, bath soaks, or essential oils, can be really helpful to help her feel loved, nurtured and special, even if you can’t be there in person to support her.

A handwritten card:

Along with any gift, a handwritten card is something really special. You can write down your congratulations, your wishes for baby, and express your heartfelt support for the new parents. This is a lovely gesture that goes perfectly with any baby gift.

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