Hair Care During and After Pregnancy with ICON Products

A pregnant woman can notice pronounced changes in the condition of her hair, all due to a hormonal storm. Dull hair can gain shine and deprived hair – volume. Hair also becomes thicker and looks much healthier. Of course, not every woman can boast of beautiful hair during pregnancy. There are also cases when they cause big problems with stacking. Sometimes the hair is too dry or they falling out. Hence, at this time, special emphasis should be placed on proper hair care. Well-chosen cosmetics and the effectiveness of home methods are a guarantee of a successful solution to the problem. To properly take care of your hair during and after pregnancy we recommend the ICON products. Iconlovely offers organic products, the dyes do not contain alcohol, ammonia, or paraphenylenediamine.  Since caution is advised during pregnancy and you do not want to risk your child’s health but at the same time you can not do without coloring, ICON Tint made from natural ingredients will be perfect to use. During pregnancy, every woman wants to look beautiful. Systematic hair care is very important at this time. If you want your hair to shine with color, put on natural dyes.

Hair loss during pregnancy and after childbirth can be a big problem, so you should take care of your hair every day. The causes of hair loss can be different, starting from poor nutrition and ending with stress. When you become a mother it’s hard to find time to visit a hairdresser. With ICON, hair care at home is possible. Their products are designed to strengthen and properly nourish your hair. Choose the most suitable for you according to the time of year and your hair type. Check promotions on ICON products online and access seasonal discounts. Here you can find special anti-hair loss products for all types of hair and not only for women. Products designed with Moringa and Argan Oil will surprise you from the first moment. ICON Shampoo and Conditioner gives your hair softness and incredible smell. When it comes to hair masks, you should choose ones that are primarily light and delicate. Discover the secret to be able to combine ICON products and achieve your desired results.


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