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How To Get The Best Performance Out Of Your Hearing Aid

When you buy a hearing aid, you will do so with the expectation to improve your hearing experience. However, if you blindly choose a device by comparing costs alone and then fail to optimize it fully, then the hearing aid might not perform according to its ability. To get the best performance out of your hearing aid, be sure to keep the following points in mind.

Test Your Hearing Regularly And Fine Tune The Device

When using a hearing aid, it is very important to routinely check your hearing from time to time in order to keep the device functioning optimally. This is because your hearing capacity will likely deteriorate over time. As such, a hearing aid which has been programmed a year ago may not work too well right now. Only when you get a hearing test done can the device be reprogrammed to suit your current hearing requirements. Plus, sometimes your existing hearing aid will have to be exchanged for a newer one. And you may only know about this after a test is done. Using outdated hearing aids will never enable you to hear sounds perfectly.

DSP Enabled Hearing Aids

If you have trouble differentiating human voice and the surrounding noises, then you should only get a hearing aid with Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This technology separates the background noise from the human speech and enables you to turn down the volume of the background noise. DSP enabled hearing aids are a necessity for professionals whose daily work involves dealing with people in the presence of a large range of background noises, for example, a construction manager.

Get it Professionally Cleaned

While daily cleaning is necessary to keep the hearing aid functioning in good condition, it is also recommended that you give the device to a professional hearing aid servicing center to get it cleaned professionally. They will have the right kind of equipment and tools to clean and maintain the hearing aid in ways you cannot do by yourself. Ideally, a professional cleaning should be conducted at least once every six months. In addition, they can also make minor adjustments to the device so that you are able to hear better.

Check For FM Technology

In addition to DSP, you should also look out for FM technology in case you wish to hear human sounds better in crowded, noisy locations. FM technology uses a transmitter and a receiver to give to clear human sounds. The transmitter will pick a person’s voice and send it to the receiver which will transmit the sound into your ear. If you have severe issues with hearing human speech, then getting a hearing aid with FM will significantly improve your hearing. For example, Siemens hearing aid models are known to have FM technology integrated into them.

Be Careful When Storing

Finally, be very careful when storing your device. As far as possible, keep the hearing aids away from conditions of excess heat and humidity. In addition, also make sure that the device does not come into contact with any chemicals.

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