How an Ayahuasca experience can make you a better parent

There are those who say that thanks to Ayahuasca they have repaired their lives. For others, one night was like several years of therapy. Some people say that they understood what love and closeness are. Can Ayahuasca therapy really change a person’s life and the way we see the world and other people? Can we become better partners, friends or parents?

The guardians of holy medicine (shamans) repeat not to treat Ayi as a means of giving departure and visions. You have to be ready to receive it – they say. It is impossible to describe what Ayahuasca gives. This is probably the most fascinating botanical vehicle of different states of consciousness among all known in the world. Everyone seeking knowledge sooner or later will come across Ayahuasca. The drink of the gods, the opener of the minds, the gate to paradise … but not only – it allows some to go down to hell for a while. People describe it differently, no one passes by indifferently.

To understand what Ayahuasca is and what wisdom it teaches, one must have great humility and patience. This is the path of working on ourselves and on relations with the world around us, with nature.

How does Ayahuasca work?

The Ayahuasca trip can be compared to being released from the body. After drinking this magic potion in the body, the same chemical processes occur as at the time of physical death; consciousness expands beyond the five senses and we are able to at least partly see what happens to our consciousness after the actual death. During the trance, access to the Universal Mind opens, which is blocked on a daily basis. Information flows to us with a wide stream, which sometimes is shocking and painful for some. Certainly, it is very instructive for everyone.

Various people are reaching for Ayahuasca – IT specialists, lawyers, accountants, people who just got lost and decided to try to find themselves through this ritual substance. Also, people addicted to various stimulants, cancer patients, Lyme disease or those with cerebral palsy hope that the drink will heal them.

What exactly happens after drinking Ayahuasca – it’s hard to describe. Many people remember only some of the things that they interpret from everyday life, they do not remember them in their original form. Some people experience convulsions, vomit intensely, defecate, change their place, move. Others just lie and nothing happens to them. And what they experience inside is only they know.

Each time it is a new experience. You can learn some things, such as how to control your breath, how to clear your mind, make it easier to make contact. People who have hundreds of ceremonies behind them say that Ayahuasca has the potential to surprise everyone at every stage.

As reported by the shamans, the powerful brew of Ayahuaska should not be mixed with alcohol, drugs, antidepressants or other psychotropics. It is not recommended to take the Ayahuasca wine when nursing and pregnant women, people suffering from schizophrenia, circulatory problems, infarcts and serious neurological disorders.

Ayahuasca, as the shamans say, should be drunk with people who have only a lot of experience in running ceremonies to which they trust.

Where the ceremonies are held?

Since shamanism became very popular among white people, ceremonies have been transferred to Europe and now, legally or not, take place in almost all countries. But the jungle is by far the most common place to take ayahuasca, being that this is where the plant grows natively and where it has been consumed traditionally by native peoples for many hundreds of years.

Various countries have spiritual healing places and retreat centers where you can participate in a ceremony. One of the more accessible countries that offer such places in the depth of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. It is where the best medicine in the Amazon comes from and most well known healers live in this area. One of the best Ayahuasca centers are near Pucallpa – take a look at this website where you can read more about various retreats and book your healing journey with Ayahuasca.


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