How to Convince Your Child to Wear Socks?

Most of the children don’t like to wear socks or shoes. This applies to little babies, toddlers who have just started walking and preschool kids. They just love to keep taking off the socks and any footwear and walk barefoot. It gives children the freedom to explore the world their way and with great fun. Babies love to play with their little toes and for toddlers, there is nothing better than running barefoot on the grass or sand. It does not restrict the child’s freedom of movement. For these reasons very often we let our children stay without footwear.

But what to do if your child doesn’t want to wear shoes or socks in places where is not safe to walk barefoot? How to convince your baby to wear socks when it is cold?

Socks for toddlers that are fun to wear

Maybe choosing colorful patterned socks would stop your child from taking them off notoriously. Here is the great solution for that – the Boogie Toes! These adorable, colorful socks are completed with safe and securely attached little stuffed rattle toys. They look great and stay put while entertaining babies who can’t resist playing with their feet. To meet expectations of a highly sophisticated market, Boogie Toe Socks were born! Various rattle plush animals from penguins to kittens, supposed to make your child’s time more pleasant. These baby socks are two in one, the child is warm and at the same time, he entertains himself. At least for a brief moment.

They help parents keep an ear out for mobile toddlers, the grippy bottoms prevent slippage what keeps the little runners safe. The anti-slip is made from super soft (end eco-friendly) silica gel.

It is important that the socks for children are breathable and stretchy. Boogie Toes are made from high quality, OEKO Certified materials. They are way more fun than regular socks and they make great gifts.

Little girl wearing animal figure socks with rattle toys

We all know how much the little ones like colorful clothes with all kind of patterns. They have their own taste when it comes to clothing! Animals, cartoon characters, superheroes, and princesses – these cannot be missed from kids’ wardrobe same as colorful socks with stuffed rattle applications. They tempt with a variety of designs and colors. The soft fabric which keeps the little feet warm plus non-slip sole are perfect for trolling or crawling child. Additionally, they can be heard from a distance thanks to subtle rattles. The Boogie Toes socks attract the attention of little explorers who like to play with their own feet.

Choose the adorable socks with soft rattle toys for your children today and they will wear them all the time.

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