How to decorate walls in a child’s room?

The children’s room is a special place in the house. It should be unique and make the small tenant feel warm and safe. The walls in the children’s room can not be monotonous and boring. Colorful wallpapers, stickers, posters, drawings are a hit in interior design for the youngest. Only there we will meet cheerful fairy tale creatures, we will disappear among trees in a magical forest and we will break a tee pee tent under a painted sky. Toddlers love colors, patterns and fun themes, among which they can let their imagination run wild!

How to decorate walls in a child’s room? We should consider our children’s colorful imagination and put on the wall creative paintings that will best suit their taste. Together with the Little Sharks brand, we inspire and suggest what can be found on the wall in the child’s room!

Decorating walls in a child’s room is not as difficult as it may seem. Very often small accessories and decorations are enough to make the room completely different.

Colorful posters with fairy-tale characters, animals, stars or dots will replace boring wallpapers. In addition, they will gradually shape the little one’s taste and bring a cozy atmosphere to the room. One of the great idea is to put on the wall personalized art print with your child’s name or personal message. New parents very often place baby’s date of birth, weight and height in a beautiful pastel frame over the toddler’s cot.

Our child’s room can be decorated with a favorite fairy-tale character that will take care of the most beautiful dreams and accompany your kid with morning getting up. Nursery wall pictures with a friendly teddy bears, candies, balloons, fairies or colorful trees will be an excellent proposition for a girl’s room.


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However, a framed nursery art print with cars or planes will delight every little boy. An equally good solution will also be baby nursery pictures with animals. This is a proposal that will fit into the tastes of each child, regardless of gender and will be timeless.


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