How To Get The Best Shoes Fit For Your Kid?

Have you ever noticed that your child’s feet are a little wider than normal? And this problem can make shoe shopping a huge pain for parents — and in the end, you have to buy a shoe of narrow size for your child’s wide feet in compulsion.

It is more important than ever that if your kid has wide feet or narrow feet make sure that you are buying proper shoes for your kid. Placing them into ill-fitting shoes could result in foot issues and also prevent natural, healthful foot growth.

We have heard lots of questions about kids with narrow or broad feet. So we have tried to answer a few of the questions related to foot issues. Keep reading to find the best solutions for your baby’s feet.

All Feet Are Made Differently:

You can see in the sentence above, that I said usually. This is because all feet are not the same and made differently. For every kid, the growth, length, and width of young feet will be different.
Some kids have narrow feet possibly with a high arch while some kids have wide or chubby feet. So kid’s feet normally become narrower with their age.

How To Measure Your Kid’s Feet:


It is really simple and will only need a few household items. So read it carefully and find out exactly how long and also how wide your kid’s feet are what you’ll need some paper or card but you need to make sure it’s larger than your foot. A tape measure or long ruler and a pen or pencil.

So getting into how you actually measure your kid’s feet first. The first thing you should do is actually measure your kid’s feet in the afternoon or evening as this will be the time when feet are at their truest length and shape as feet get slightly smaller during the night when sleeping. We’re not going to do it barefoot the best thing to do is actually wear the socks.

Now make sure your foot is properly planted make a mark with a pencil at the highest point of the toe and deepest point of a heel. Make similar marks on either side of the widest points. So you’ve got your marks on the paper and here’s where you’ll need the tape measure or long ruler find the highest and lowest points on the paper made with a pencil and measure the distance between the two with a ruler.

But how can you tell whether your kid has wide, normal or narrow feet? We said to mark down the widest part of the foot where you can measure that distance and look online at sizing tables to determine which category you place.

Best Shoe Brands for Kids Who Have Wide Feet?

Saucony, Stride Rite, and New Balance are the best shoes for kids with wide feet.

Many parents make a common mistake that when they find shoes that are wide and extra-wide, they think these shoes will fit in their baby’s feet automatically which is not true.

In addition to fitting the shape of your child’s wide feet, the shoes must be able to adjust the pattern of your child’s instep. Kids with high insteps need shoes that offer extra-depth, to stop the instep from rubbing-off their feet against the top of the shoes.

While buying the shoe for wide feet parents must take care of these 2 features:

Extra Depth: Shoes that provide extra-depth allow your baby’s feet to fit comfortably inside the shoes.

Round Toe-Box: This feature prevents children’s toes from rubbing against the upper part of the shoes.

You can read a detailed guide related to toddler’s shoes for wide feet at Fitfootpro.

Best Shoe Brands for Kids Who Have Narrow Feet?

Since shoe companies do not usually manufacture narrow width size of children. So we have prepared a list of brands that produce narrow width shoes for kids.

Saucony and Asics are the best shoes for the kids with narrow feet. Maybe you already tried these shoes for yourself.

These brands also manufacture the best running shoes which offer maximum support in the arch and heel as they can reduce impact while running.

If your children have narrow feet, I would suggest you buy Saucony shoes. Keep this in mind that Saucony offers children medium, wide and extra-wide widths and you must choose medium width for your kid with narrow feet.

If your child is under 8 years of age, buy ASICS shoes for their narrow feet.

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