How to Have a Laugh When Motherhood Becomes Exhaustive!

Being the best mom in the world isn’t easy. But if it were, it wouldn’t be half the fun! A Mom’s life means a constant fluctuation of hormones and moods, like a coin with a caring and sweet personality on one side and a shouty irritable display of tough love because your kid just poured ketchup on his shirt for the third time today on the other. But that’s the life of being the mom of a little human being. Lacking sleep and revolving your whole agenda around them is just part of the fun. Without those, an unexpected temper tantrum would not be as fun… Yet, it’s all worthwhile when you notice their evolving personality coming alive along with all those endearing moments where all you want to do is keep them like that forever! Stress and meltdowns are just stones in the way, and the best thing you can do is keep going because that’s Motherhood.

Take it all with a pinch of humor! Take a step back and picture the current scene and the last months or years you’ve had with your adorable mini and how much that stress and issues could either make you break or…laugh! Maybe not at the exact moment but if you’re a humorous character (we’d assume you are, as you’ve got this far) you will eventually gracefully remember your moments. And humor is a great way to cope with these situations, even if you’re not a wannabe comedian. Those motherhood memes and friendly jokes are so relatable that you can’t help but think of the times you were cleaning the mess your toddler made with a smile. That moment will get you back on route to being the great mom you are and, on your way, to be even better for your loved kid. Facing adversities with a bad mood or an even worse sense of humor will only make things tough when you’re a mother. Just have a laugh and think of how funny that particular moment is! Positives? You’ll be less mad; thus, you won’t be crying from exhaustion, thus not breaking down and, ultimately, not considering putting your kid into adoption. Ok, maybe that was a bit far from the point but maybe not too far from the thought YOU had when that infant decided that the bedroom wall looked best with a purple dog drawn in it.

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A mother’s duty is hard and serious (sometimes), and they take it as a matter of significant relevance. You can find multiple options for your most relatable scenes and quotes on their online store, and you can also give them to a mommy-to-be or to that friend that you know will relate just as much! Having some in your living room or bedroom as something to resource when you are looking for a sure laugh will be golden! And we can assure you there are just the right ones for you on their site. And why not thank your own mom on the upcoming Mother’s Day for being the second-best mom in the world (after you of course), and send her one of Maktus Mother’s Day cards?
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